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Visit any one of your five NSDCAR Service Centers for lockbox/keycard assistance or to purchase a SentriLock keycard or lockbox.

As a member of NSDCAR you have access to MLS, SentriLock lockbox and keycard assistance. Our five Service Center locations carry the products you need to support your business.

For SentriLock Tech Support or toubleshooting call (877) 736-8745 or visit the SentriLock webiste at .


Sentrilock Support Line

Did you know that by calling Sentrilock’s Support Line at 1-877-736-8745 and selecting Option2, you can automatically receive 1-day codes, renewal codes and find out when your SentriCard expires? This number located on the front of your SentriCard.

User Issues Renewing SentriCards on Mac Computers

with 10.10 Yosemite Operating System

Recently many MAC users have experienced an issues with renewing their Sentricard using a MAC computer. Anyone using the MAC 10.10 Yosemite operating system has been affected by this.

On January 21, 2015, Sentrilock published a software update that will fix the problem affecting users when trying to renew their SentriCard in a Mac 10.10 system.

The next time the user tries to update their SentriCard, they should receive a prompt asking them if they want to update their software. Click “Yes” and the software will update and the card will then be renewed.

If you have had this problem and continue to have issues, please call the Sentrilock Call Center at (513) 618-5800.

How to download your card reader

  • Visit to install the card reader software to your computer.
  • After software is installed you can put your SentriCard into the reader (make sure you are still connected to the Internet).
  • The reader will automatically bring up your member number.
  • Type in your password and click renew.
  • Leave the card in the card reader until the prompt. “You have successfully updated your SentriCard.”

Lockbox Transfer Form

If you are selling or purchasing used Sentrilock equipment the Lockbox Transfer Form must be completed by both parties.

Sentrilock News

SentriSmart App Release

SentriSmart Getting Started (PDF)
SentriSmart Flyer (PDF)

Did you know that SentriLock offers an app for your smartphone that allows you to access a lockbox without the use of your SentriCard®? What if we told you that your SentriCard® doesn’t need to be updated in order to use it?

This app is called SentriSmart™, and it is available in the Apple app store and on Google Play. (You will need iOS 6 or higher on an Apple device or Android 2.2 or higher for use.) As part of the Sandicor contract with SentriLock, SentriSmart™ is now available for $24 (+ tax) per year for Sandicor subscribers who have paid for SentriLock key service.

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SentriSmart™ is a mobile application that allows access to a lockbox key compartment with the use of a mobile access code instead of a SentriCard®. It also provides immediate showing notifications as soon as the showing agent generates a code. SentriSmart™ will still work if your card is expired. As long as your cell phone has a signal, the SentriSmart™ app can generate a mobile access code so that you can access the key compartment of a SentriLock lockbox.

When using SentriSmart™ to generate an access code, please be aware that a showing notification is immediately sent to the listing agent.

SentriSmart™ works with all SentriLock lockboxes. It uses the keyholder’s current location to display property listings in their area. If the lockbox at the subject listing does not appear on this display, the lockbox has not been assigned to this listing. Then, with:


  • Blue lockboxes that are Bluetooth®-enabled (as labeled on box) – the smartphone/tablet will identify the lockbox automatically, the system will assign the lockbox to that address and provide a mobile access code for this lockbox.
  • Blue lockboxes (not Bluetooth®-enabled) – the keyholder enters the serial number of the lockbox on the listing on their device, the system will assign the lockbox to that address and provide a mobile access code for this lockbox.
  • Gray/silver lockboxes – the keyholder enters the serial number of the lockbox on the listing on their device, the system will assign the lockbox to that address and provide a mobile access code for this lockbox.


Note: Once the lockbox has been assigned, whether by the listing agent or the first showing agent to visit the lockbox using SentriSmart™, no other agents will need to identify the lockbox when using SentriSmart™.

Sentrilock REALTOR®: Lockbox Training Videos

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