Prop 19 Benefits Homeowners, Seniors and Families

On November 3, you will see a statewide measure on the ballot known as Proposition 19, or Home Protection for Seniors, Severely Disabled, Families and Victims of Wildfire or Natural Disasters, which would provide housing relief and generate hundreds of millions in new revenue for fire protection, schools, and local governments.

Proposition 19 provides protections for families, housing relief for homeowners 55 and older, people with disabilities, and natural disaster and wildfire victims. If approved by voters, local governments, fire districts, and schools would each gain hundreds of millions of dollars of new revenue each year. Specifically, Prop 19 would do the following:

Play a Key Role in California’s Economic Recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic
Prop 19 is needed now more than ever and is key to California’s economic recovery. It will provide housing relief for millions
of seniors, improve homeownership opportunities throughout the state, and help fill budget deficits and critical funding for
schools, public safety, healthcare, and homeless services, local housing projects, and more.

Generate Millions of Dollars for Wildfire Protections, Local Governments & Schools
Fire protection, school districts, cities and counties would gain hundreds of millions of dollars in additional revenues annually
benefiting public services such as wildfire protection, emergency services, libraries, local housing programs and infrastructure.
The measure will also provide critical funds for fire districts that will help the state fight against catastrophic wildfires that will
safeguard millions of homes and lives. This added revenue is due, in part, to closing the unintentional loopholes in Proposition 58.

Provide Housing Relief for Families, Seniors, People with Disabilities and Wildfire Victims
The initiative constitutionally protects the right for children and grandchildren to inherit and move into their family home by keeping
it affordable. Additionally, it allows homeowners 55 and older and people with severe disabilities to transfer their home’s property tax base to a new home anywhere in California.

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