Privacy Policy

The North San Diego County Association of REALTORS® (NSDCAR) provides and maintains the website as both a public service and a member benefit. NSDCAR respects your right to privacy, and will employ all available measures to protect it when you are visiting the NSDCAR “e-Association” via this website.

1. Throughout the NSDCAR website, you will find contact information, including email addresses, for specific NSDCAR Services and NSDCAR employees or departments. Should you send any correspondence to such email addresses, your email address will be used only to respond to your information requests. If you are a member of NSDCAR, you have signed a Membership Agreement, which allows your email address to be kept on file, and used for Association communications of events, products, services and important notices. At no time will NSDCAR sell or convey your email address to another entity for purposes of marketing or solicitation. Your email address is a valuable link from NSDCAR to your desktop, and diligent respect for, and protection of, your private information is a high priority at NSDCAR.

2. Should you sign up for any electronic mailing list, distribution document, newsletter, or other electronic publication from NSDCAR, you will receive the information requested at NSDCAR’s earliest convenience, and your information will not be added to other services or lists without your approval. Any personal information required to register for such communication will not be shared outside of NSDCAR.

3. “Cookies”, a form of electronic programming to control certain web browser functions or web page access, may be used to ensure ease of use and to enhance your experience on the NSDCAR website. These “cookies” cannot be used to collect personally identifiable information, nor do they report information about websites you have visited or computer equipment that you own or operate. NSDCAR may, at its discretion, collect Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, which are the electronic “house number” of your computer during an Internet session, for purposes of website traffic analysis, security auditing, or trends forecasting. These addresses reveal no personal or personally identifiable information, and such data will not be conveyed by NSDCAR to other entities, except as needed to analyze and correct functional problems with our website.

4. NSDCAR routinely stores and analyzes statistical information on user sessions, (such as number of visits, pages visited, platforms used, etc.), so that the site can be monitored for security and to facilitate performance enhancement. These processes do not collect personally identifiable information.

5. By using this website, you agree to NSDCAR’s Terms of Use