NSDCAR Voter Guide-2020 Primary Ballot

This election year is shaping up to be crucial for REALTORS® and homeowners at the ballot box. While many are looking to November to vote on the candidates and issues that are important to them, March primaries are also going to be equally critical. With two ballot measures that will have an immeasurable effect on housing in the region and an important supervisorial race; now more than ever your voice matters.

NSDCAR offers this voter guide to act as a reference on the issues and candidates that matter to REALTORS® and real estate. The initiatives and candidates below have been reviewed and supported/opposed by a group of your REALTOR® peers serving on your Local Government Relations Committee. This committee takes into account how each issue/candidate upholds the values, issues, and concerns of your industry and your clients. This committee is not affiliated with any party except for the REALTOR® Party and makes decisions based on REALTOR®  values.


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No On Measure A

NSDCAR Vigorously Opposes Measure A- Measure A is a stop growth initiative that if passed, would bring any development over five parcels in San Diego County to a countywide vote. This measure would not only cripple new housing stock in San Diego county but will also burden surrounding cities with having to make up for the lack of new home construction. In short, Measure A would exponentially increase our affordable housing crisis and hurt San Diego’s economy by forcing developers to incur millions of dollars of extra costs by implementing ballot box planning. This additional cost would also be passed on to homebuyers.

For More information on Measure A and its dangers to San Diego please click the link below:



Measure B

Yes On Measure B

NSDCAR Endorses Measure B- Measure B would affirm the county board of supervisors’ decision to approve the development of Newland Sierra. This development would provide the county with 2,135 homes, 60% percent of which would be priced affordably for local working families. This community would be located on 1,985 acres of privately-owned land near I-15 at Deer Spring Road. While NSDCAR does not endorse specific housing developments, we oppose the use of ballot-box planning.

For More information on Measure B and its implications please click the link below:




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NSDCAR Endorses Kristin Gaspar for San Diego Board of Supervisors- District 3

NSDCAR is proud to endorse Supervisor Gaspar for re-election for the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.

For more information on Supervisor Gaspar Click below:

https://www.gasparforsupervisor.com (Campaign Website)

http://www.supervisorkristingaspar.com/  (County Website)


We urge you to share this information with your clients and to consider posting your election choices on social media. It’s one more opportunity to show you are knowledgeable about your community and support good government.

If you have any questions about the matters above please contact your Director of Government Affairs at Taylor@nsdcar.com.


If you have not registered to vote you can do so by clicking the link below:



Please be sure to get out and vote!