Voters on Nov. 6 will have an opportunity to decide political leadership at Federal, State and local levels, as well as local boards and community service districts. Between now and then, your mailbox will be flooded with colorful literature telling you how to vote.  Much of the material is a partisan perspective and not focused on the candidates or issues that matter most to REALTORS®.

Each election cycle, the NSDCAR Local Government Relations Committee engages in an exhaustive effort to meet local candidates and decide which will best protect private property rights and the values of the real estate industry and real estate consumers.  

The following guide presents candidates and issues that will be most beneficial to you as a real estate industry professional. The endorsed candidates may span all political parties, but in the opinion of your peers, they are accessible, and at least understand the issues of concern to you, and at best, enthusiastically support the REALTORS® perspective. We urge you to share this information with family and clients.

The California Association of REALTORS® closely monitors candidates seeking election to the State Legislature. After careful review, CAR is supporting the re-election of Marie Waldron for the 75th Assembly District.

At the local level, the NSDCAR LGR Committee reviews qualifications and experience of candidates and in cases of open races and often interviews candidates prior to endorsement. Those selected for support receive campaign funding from the PAC funds you contribute voluntarily and through your dues.  

The following is the voter guide listing the candidates supported by NSDCAR for 2018.


49th Congressional District – Diane Harkey


75th Assembly District – Marie Waldron


Fourth District County Board of Supervisors – Bonnie Dumanis


Fifth District County Board of Supervisors – Jim Desmond


Carlsbad Mayor – Matt Hall


Carlsbad City Council – Tracy Carmichael, District 1; Corrine Busta, District 3


Encinitas City Council –Mark Muir


Escondido Mayor – Sam Abed

Escondido City Council – John Masson , District 2; Ed Gallo, District 1


Oceanside City Council–Chuck Lowery, District 1; Chris Rodriguez, District 2


San Marcos Mayor – Rebecca Jones


San Marcos City Council – Craig Garcia, District 1; Mike Sannella, District 2


Vista Mayor – Judy Ritter


Vista City Council – John Aguilera, District 1; John Franklin, District 4



Two propositions on your ballot are of particular concerns to REALTORS® and property owners.

CAR and NSDCAR support Proposition 5. Proposition 5 is the Property Tax Fairness initiative for which C.A.R. gathered signatures last winter.  It would remove the unfair moving penalty for seniors, the severely disabled, and disaster victims across the entire state while still ensuring these people pay their fair share of property taxes.  More information about Proposition 5 can be found online at https://voteyesonprop5.com/.

Please vote YES on Proposition 5.

CAR and NSDCAR also aggressively oppose Proposition 10. This measure would give local jurisdictions the ability to impose rent control, even on private homes. Proposition 10 is the effort to repeal the landmark Costa Hawkins law that limits the ability of local governments to impose aggressive rent control. C.A.R. successfully co-sponsored Costa Hawkins in 1995.  Any threat to Costa Hawkins is a threat to private property rights and C.A.R. is prepared to vigorously defend the law against Prop 10. More information about Proposition 10 can be found online: https://noprop10.org/https://www.votenoprop10.com/https://prop10flaws.com/

Please Vote NO on Proposition 10.

Additionally, the Local Government Relations Committee is urging a no vote on Measure Y in Oceanside. Being promoted as saving farmlands in Oceanside, the measure would actually have serious impacts on future growth by requiring a public vote on projects that increase density. Ballot box planning has never been successful.


No matter who you support, we urge you to VOTE on Nov. 6.