Please Note

There will be no Marketing Session/Tours on:  November 21, December 26 and Jan 2 (2019)

Wednesday Schedule

8:30am - 9:00am Networking
9:00am - 10:00am Marketing Session
10:00am - 12:30pm Open Houses

Input Deadline: Tuesday @ 10 a.m.

Blackout Dates: Nov. 25th,  Dec 23nd  and Dec 30th. 

In order to be included in the Marketing Session Slide Show and Open House Tour Sheet distributed at the Marketing Session, you must have steps 1 & 2 done by the deadline.

Note: The first four photos in your listing will be the photos shown on the Slide Show. You will need to arrange your photos to have the four photos you would like shown at the Marketing Session PRIOR to completing Step 2. These photos cannot be changed once you send your email request and the deadline has passed.**

Instructions for adding a home to caravan

To include your listing in the PowerPoint presentation at the Marketing Session, email a copy of the Client Preferred Report 1 from Paragon to

The Marketing Session is NOT Mandatory UNLESS you complete Step 2 to put your property on the Slide Show. IF your property is scheduled on the Slide Show you would need to be at the Marketing Session to pitch your property.

Local Rules for Carlsbad, Encinitas, Cardiff

  • Rental Properties may be included on the Tour Sheet and may be pitched as time allows.
  • Current MLS AGENT must be at each property that is scheduled on the tour during the scheduled time slot. This includes land.
  • RE-TOUR properties ALLOWED after 6-weeks by the same agent or office or a 2% price change.
    The property must be held open. No drive-bys.
  • POSTING CANCELLED PROPERTIES. If your property is canceled after publication, you must post a canceled sign at the property and NOTIFY the Association Office. Signs are available for purchase at the Association Office.
  • In the interest of time management, the emcee at his/her discretion may shorten or eliminate agenda.

**San Marcos Coordinating Committee agrees to allow Tour 701 (Carlsbad/Encinitas) to include a portion of 92078 (San Elijo Hills) in their Marketing Session and Tour. The boundary for this area is limited to ZIP code 92078 on Thomas Guide Map Page 1128 (starting with ZIP code line of 92009/92078 at A5 over to H5 and down to ZIP code line of 92078/92029. This agreement is restricted to areas of ZIP code 92078 and MCP 1128 ONLY).

Listing Submission Instructions

  • Email the Client Preferred Report 1 from Paragon to
  • Include in the Subject Line: Tour date, MLS# of property, Listing Agent’s Name.
  • In the body of the email, include your contact telephone number.

How to Submit Your Listing

Tag the listing in the MLS with the tour number, so that it can automatically be assigned to the correct session. Here's how:

  • Click on “LISTINGS”
  • Under the header “MAINTAIN” click on “LISTINGS” again
  • Enter your MLS PROPERTY ID; Click “GO”
  • Click on your MLS Number
  • Click on “TOUR”
  • Click on “ADD NEW”; Enter Tour Group (Example: 701)
  • Enter Date
  • Enter Time Start and Time End
  • Enter any Tour Comments
  • Enter Refreshments Y or N
  • Click “SAVE”

Your listing will automatically be pulled into a PowerPoint presentation for the appropriate tour because you entered a tour number in the MLS. But your work isn't done.

Now you need to choose the images that will appear in the presentation at the marketing session.

It's simple.

All you need to do is arrange the first four photos in your listing on the MLS (the primary photo and the first three photos after it) because those four photos will be pulled into the presentation.

Now you're ready to email a copy of the Client Preferred Report 1 to the email address associated with the marketing session. The report needs to be sent after you've arranged your photos (otherwise, they won't be in the order you want, and you can't change the order after you've submitted your listing report).

When you send your email to, be sure to include the Tour Date, Property Address, and the Agent's Name in the subject line. Don't forget to include your contact information in the body of the email, in case the tour organizer needs to contact you.