If you hate risk as much as these Certified Risk Mitigation Specialists do, you’re in great company.

It’s not easy or quick to earn a Certified Risk Mitigation Certification, but these elite members of NSDCAR have done just that. They’ve invested in hours of training and practical coursework so that they can mitigate risk on behalf of their clients and brokerages.

Every member here has earned their RMS certificate by taking this advanced coursework:

  • The Residential Purchase Agreement
  • Disclosures
  • Transactions
  • The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA)
  • Safety Awareness,
  • Property Management
  • Legal Issues

But that’s not all. Additional coursework enhances these members’ professionalism and ability to help clients and their brokerages through the trickiest of transactions:

  • MLS Rules and Regulations
  • Protecting Your Client
  • Management and Supervision
  • E&O Insurance
  • Broker Liability
  • Red Flags
  • Inspections

Eric Farrar
1850 Realty

“When the Risk Mitigation Specialist program was announced, I knew this was an important certification to set myself apart as an expert in this area,” said Eric Farrar. “As an owner-manager, it gives our agents and clients confirmation that we are operating at the highest level in the industry.”

Abra Rider
Big Block Realty

“As a member of NSDCAR’s Professional Standards Committee I’ve seen firsthand the frustration that can be caused by innocent errors made during a transaction,” said Abra Rider. “I welcomed the opportunity to take this training series specifically related to risk mitigation, and encourage others to take advantage of the amazing educational opportunities offered by the Association. Risk mitigation certification is an excellent way to show your dedication to protecting your clients.”

Joseph Vayer
The Real Estate Consultants

“This series of thought-provoking RMS suited for both new and seasoned agents. Applying what is taught in these classes will help anyone with the goal of becoming a better real estate professional. This is one reason that I chose to take the Certified Risk Management Specialist courses.”

Kevin Murphy
HomeSmart Realty West

“I am a new broker with a well-rounded education after 28 years as an appraiser,” said Kevin Murphy. “The Risk Mitigation Program was laser specific on the needs of a real estate agent. The panel of instructors was world class, and they really cared about preparing us. They live real estate and were generous with their stories and skills on how to reduce risk and protect ourselves, our clients and the public. I would strongly recommend all the classes and electives to every agent out there, whether new or well experienced. It gives you an edge!”

Michelle D’Aliesio
Premiere Properties

“I feel it’s extremely important to educate yourself in all aspects of the real estate business, especially risk mitigation,” said Michelle D’Aliesio. “As a real estate agent, it’s our number one duty to protect our clients, ourselves and our broker. Being certified as a Risk Mitigation Specialist informs your clients that you have completed the necessary steps to protect them from litigation. Risk Mitigation Specialist classes provide you with a wealth of information on many aspects covering a variety of topics. I would highly recommend getting your Risk Mitigation Specialist certification to new agents, as well as seasoned agents.”

Rosemary Winn
Harcourts Advantage

“The risk mitigation certification is important for all Realtors to always be renewing their awareness and knowledge regarding their real estate transactions, not only for themselves but their clients and their brokers as well.”

Tom Stamos
eXp Realty of California, Inc

“I had been a Risk Management Specialist with another Association since about 2003 and was thrilled when NSDCAR created the Certified Risk Mitigation Specialist program,” said Tom Stamos. “It’s so important to be up to date with the most important information and knowing how to navigate through the many serious risks to my license, the fiduciary duty to my clients, protecting my broker and my company, not to mention my family’s income. Having this designation elevates my professionalism and puts me in better negotiation positions, which makes my services more valuable than agents without it. I highly recommend this certification to all agents with NSDCAR.”

Reinaldo Liem
HomeSmart Realty West

“As the saying goes, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ I am very happy with the content of the classes and I have learned quite a bit. Some of the information that I learned I did witness experienced realtors learning the hard way. I am glad that I obtained this information and will continue to attend some classes from the Risk Mitigation Specialist program.”

Dené Sellers
Premier Residential

“Buyer and Seller Representation is rapidly changing the face of real estate. As fiduciaries, we are expected to be able to navigate real estate transactions with utmost care. The RMS certification gives agents like myself increased confidence and awareness needed to be a more effective and efficient realtor in the marketplace.”

Christina Juarez
Christina Holly Juarez Realty

“As an independent Broker/Owner, I’m always looking to do what I can to set myself apart and operate my business above industry standards. Put quite simply, if you want to avoid the various legal pitfalls that can rear their ugly heads in any real estate sales transaction, you owe it to yourself and your clients to take the RMS coursework. It gives myself and my clients the peace of mind knowing that I’m staying abreast with the legalities surrounding a real estate transaction and that this educational investment will ultimately aid in keeping us all out of any potential legal hot water.”

John Vogel
Doors Real Estate Management

“Being in Property Management, it was imperative to gain the knowledge necessary to minimize risk in our business. The classes to become a Certified Risk Mitigation Specialist were informative and the instructors were knowledgeable. I would recommend this program to anyone in the real estate industry.”

Melo deSavage
Allison James Estates & Homes

“I became a proud RMS Member in 2017. In this industry, it is important to keep up to date with topics that are important and a part of our everyday business. I am reminded of what is important in documentation, disclosures, safety and much more. I have been in business for
eleven plus years and no matter how seasoned the agent, being prepared and knowledgeable by educating oneself is vital in this industry.”

Gregory Simmons
Windermere Homes & Estates

“The RMS certification process is a series of seven interesting classes offered over an extended period of time to fit into any schedule. It made good sense for me as a sales agent to commit to the RMS curriculum with the goal of adding value to my clients’ buying and selling experiences, to enhance their confidence that their goals are being professionally achieved, and to reduce risk for the brokerage. Thank you to NSDCAR for providing this meaningful benefit to its members, and to Shirley Carroll,
Director of Education at NSDCAR for helping make the process seamless and fun!”