Advocating For Homeowners and REALTORS®

NSDCAR's Governmental Affairs Department is on the front lines to advocate for you and your clients. Think of us as your first line of defense: we work hard to defeat laws and practices that adversely affect private property rights.

We support local candidates who step up to support you and the real estate industry, as well as the National Association of REALTORS® and the California Association of REALTORS® positions on issues that affect private property rights and your ability to do business.

We’re here to tackle tough legislative issues like business license fees, point of sale regulations, and design and zoning regulations.

We also actively participate in the REALTORS Political Action Committee (RPAC). The REALTORS® Political Action Committee makes legislative advocacy possible. Formed in 1969, RPAC works to elect pro-REALTOR® candidates at the local, state and federal levels. RPAC is supported by voluntary contributions from REALTORS® across the nation. RPAC is committed to supporting candidates and issues critical to your profession and your livelihood.

Important note: Leadership does not take positions on issues that do not have an impact on REALTORS® or the housing market.

Government Affairs

Every day, private property rights are under attack, whether from new laws or taxation, or simple misunderstandings about the crucial role ownership plays in our society.

That’s why NSDCAR’s Government Affairs department works tirelessly to influence the policies that are formulated at the local, state and national level. Because policy is a relationship business, our government affairs director maintains close relationships with the legislative and regulatory officials that serve in North San Diego County. But that’s not all.

Our government affairs department:

  • Monitors the activities of the eight city councils within our service area.
  • Advances visibility and recognition among the members of those city councils.
  • Follows the activities of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.
  • Maintains an awareness of any efforts by school districts, transportation agencies, water districts, or any other local regulatory body that might influence the real estate market, industry practices, or consumers.
  • Addresses governing bodies at public hearings to express the views of NSDCAR members.
  • Cultivates visibility with state and national elected officials.
  • Endorses candidates based on real estate related issues, informing members and the public of those endorsements, and distributing RPAC funds.
  • Develops and fosters supportive relationships with other professional trade groups.
  • Notifies REALTORS® who may be interested in serving on elected boards and appointed commissions when vacancies arise.
  • Conducts an annual fund-raising event to increase the level of REALTOR® financial support for political activity.

Taylor Thompson
Government Affairs Director
(760) 734-3971
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