Become a REALTOR®

Members of the North San Diego County Association of REALTORS® have access to a host of benefits including valuable real estate market data, industry-specific business tools, and educational opportunities that are designed to help them succeed in today’s market.

We are dedicated to nurturing our REALTORS® with tools, education, and technology so that they have the support necessary to grow their businesses, make professional connections in our association, and advocate for their clients in every transaction.

Fighting for Our Community

The North San Diego County Association of REALTORS® is proud to include over 6,000 real estate professionals in its membership ranks, making it one of the largest advocacy groups for REALTORS® in Southern California.

NSDCAR also extends the advocacy efforts of the National Association of REALTORS® on behalf of REALTORS® and property owners right here in our own community. We have career enhancement opportunities that are local to North County through political action groups, special savings, and benefit programs.

Built for REALTORS® and Partners

What makes joining our organization unique? We know that membership shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all opportunity. That’s why NSDCAR offers a variety of memberships to fit your needs. Whether you’re a working agent who is looking to expand your sales coverage, or you’re a North County local who is eager to grow your expertise, NSDCAR has a membership plan that’s right for you.

Member Benefits

NSDCAR caters to brokers, REALTORS®, and community members through an array of member programs and services. Need to stay informed on new legal requirements and advocacy issues? NSDCAR has broker meetings for that. Eager to learn about new residential and commercial properties? NSDCAR provides residential marketing meetings and tours each week throughout North County.

Our goal? Provide you with the tools and services wherever you choose to work, so that you have what you need to succeed whether you're in the field or behind your desk.


For members who purchase an MLS-inclusive membership, NSDCAR offers affordable access to CRMLS — the best tool to help REALTORS® and brokers expand their turf. Unlike other REALTOR® Associations, NSDCAR offers early access to CRMLS, which helps you tap into more data shares and grow your area coverage.

Member Education

NSDCAR prides itself on providing its members with top-notch educational opportunities. In addition to offering free CRMLS Courses at each of our six Service Centers, our dedicated staff will come to your office for customized, in-house training. We’re here to help members expand their knowledge on topics ranging from property management to legalities, from risk reduction to new technologies and much more.

Industry Savings

If you choose to invest your time and money in NSDCAR, rest assured we’re committed to helping you see the value in every dollar spent. One way NSDCAR members reap the rewards is through industry savings. Members save hundreds by receiving free access to the Inman Select Subscription — real estate’s leading information source — and to Tech Helpline, a tool that will help you manage time and productivity. NSDCAR members also receive savings provided by the California Association of REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®.

Legislative Advocacy

NSDCAR works tirelessly to ensure its members are given a platform and a voice when it comes to issues that impact REALTORS® and their ability to do business. NSDCAR’s Candidate and Issue Forums provide opportunities for members to meet the candidates running for office during voting season. Likewise, NSDCAR’s Government Affairs program provides advocacy on issues affecting private property rights. Whether you’re looking to join a PAC or you’re ready to dive deeper into understanding the power of the REALTOR® brand, NSDCAR’s advocacy team is here to help.

Member Groups

NSDCAR boasts a unique four district structure, where each district allows members to focus on networking, properties, and communities that are specific to their own areas.

Member Communications

When you pay your dues to join NSDCAR, don’t expect radio silence. NSDCAR actively facilitates member communication through a variety of channels. Whether you prefer to get your industry information through a newsletter that holds pertinent information about local issues and educational opportunities, or you prefer to keep up with new products and tools by watching a YouTube channel — NSDCAR has you covered.