Important Paragon Update

A major milestone in the path to realign the MLS membership in San Diego County is the relocation of the Paragon MLS system to the vendor’s (BK-REG / Black Knight Real Estate Group) own hosting facility.

  • READ-ONLY MODE: Saturday July 21stat 4:00 pm to Sunday July 22ndat midnight (32 hours)Read-Only mode means that no listings can be added, updated, or modified. In addition, during this period, any changes or additions to your Contacts, Saved Searches, CMAs or Agent Preferences will not transfer to the moved system and will need to be recreated after 8:00 am Monday July 23rd.
  • MAINTENANCE MODE: Sunday July 22ndat midnight to 8:00 amMonday morning July 23rd (8 hours). During the Maintenance Mode, there may be intermittent access and interruptions. No listings should be added, updated or modified. In addition, you will not be able to save changes or additions to your contacts, saved searches, CMAs or agent preferences.

Other than the limitations as listed above, the Paragon MLS system will be available to search, email, create CMAs, and access the tax system, along with all of the other resources provided in Paragon.

Please prepare beforehand! Make all desired listing changes before Saturday July 21st at 4:00 pm or after 8:00 am on Monday July 23rd.

Please contact for more information.