Ethics Are The Cornerstone of The Real Estate Profession

Buying a home is one of the biggest life goals for most people. That places an enormous responsibility on the shoulders of a REALTOR® to make sure that their client gets the fairest deal for their hard-earned money.


A REALTOR® is always held to a high standard because their clients put their complete trust in their guidance and advice.


As a REALTOR®, your role is much more than that of a salesperson who is selling a home. You are your client’s guide, advocate, and protector of their homeownership rights. You are an industry insider and a community expert whose goal is to to help your clients get the best value for their money and participate in their buying journey until their dream of homeownership is fulfilled. As the client’s stakes are so high, it becomes obligatory for you as a member of the real estate community to abide by the most exacting professional standards. As a REALTOR®, you must not only facilitate a high-value transaction, which probably is a once-in-a-lifetime investment for your client, but you also help ensure that your client gets the maximum benefit of your specialized knowledge and experience to get the best deal.


Real estate transactions are complex, and clients seek the guidance of a REALTOR® precisely because they do not have the expertise to go through this transaction safely and successfully on their own. This is where trust becomes the foundation of your relationship with your clients. The transaction involves multiple intricate components, which creates enough room for mistakes and an opportunity to take undue advantage. If you have been part of the real estate industry long enough, you would know of colleagues or competitors who compromised their values for the lure of making an extra buck at the client’s expense.


The unsuspecting client becomes a victim of such unethical conduct, which could range from non-transparency in disclosures and not presenting the best offers, among other things. The need of the hour is to take the real estate industry to the next level where business ethics become the bedrock of your role as a REALTOR®. To help educate REALTORS® and promote ethics and professionalism, N.A.R. requires them to complete ethics training of a minimum duration of 2 hours, 30 min. of instructional time every two years.

The training program must meet the specific criteria and goals set by the National Association of REALTORS®. All new members of the local REALTOR® associations are required to complete a similar training program when they join. If the new member has completed the New Member Code of Ethics Orientation, it is not mandatory for them to complete additional ethics training until the next two-year period. REALTORS® who have completed this training in one association are not required to go through additional training within the same two-year cycle, should they take membership of another association.


Furthermore, members are free to take courses that satisfy this training requirement through any of the associations or an external training facility. However, they will be required to furnish documentary evidence of having received such training. With such convenient opportunities to complete your ethics training, it is time to choose it if you haven’t done it already. Sign up for this informative and enriching live training, or simply choose the online training option to complete it from the comfort of your home.


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