Don’t Miss: Creating Your Best Brand with Social Media

NSDCAR REALTORS® have a terrific opportunity to learn more about social media at an upcoming seminar hosted by the NSDCAR Young Professionals Network (YPN) group. Everyone is invited to attend “Creating Your Best Brand with Social Media” from 4 to 7 p.m.Thursday, July 12, at Stone Brewing Co., 1999 Citracado Parkway, Escondido. Cost to attend is $40 per person, which includes appetizers and two drinks. Instructors will include Stacia Kennedy, a consultant and social media coach, and Brian Traichel, a LinkedIn sales trainer. Topics will include how social media platforms can generate leads, referrals and sales. To RSVP, click here,

Stacia has experience assisting REALTORS® and real estate investors generate more leads and sales through online marketing strategies and relationship building. She operates her own consultancy specializing in social media business and marketing strategies. She also is a fitness coach.

On Thursday, July 12, Stacia will share tips for using Instagram. Stacia says that every REALTOR® can sell more homes using Instagram because new things keep appearing constantly. She recently shared the following three Instagram marketing tips for selling more homes:

Tip #1: Increase Web Traffic With Instagram Contest

Here’s a simple tip that everyone needs to understand: Instagram contests let you showcase your home for sale, attract new buyer leads and have your clients sharing your content with their sphere of influence. Who doesn’t like a fun contest? The most important thing to understand is if you want to grow your audience and get more leads, you can adopt this tactic for your real estate business by announcing your contest on Instagram by asking them to tag their friends on your post for a chance to win. This is critical to your success because you can network with other businesses that have the same potential audience and ask them to donate an item for your contest or simply purchase a popular item at your local hardware or home store and take a picture of the item on Instagram. You can then say once you hit a certain number of likes or comments on the post you will raffle off the prize on a certain day. So, now the thing for you to do is to find a partner or local business that would love the free publicity and get them to share the post on their page to make the contest go viral locally.

Tip #2: Facts Tell, Instagram Stories Sell

REALTORS® can unlock big doors with this simple key tip: Create an Instagram Story! Grab your prospect attention with an instastory. You have up to 15 seconds long, which is more than enough time to grab your prospects attention (since our attention spans are as long as a goldfish these days, not very long). What’s most important about this tip is that mixing up your photos with videos will help you get more attention. You can record your own short Instagram video to complement the images you post. This is showing off the neighborhood, your personality and your brand. As REALTORS®, you can’t neglect this tip because when you share stories your profile is highlighted in a different way catching the attention of your audience. It shows people that you are an expert and that you will be the go-to expert that will be able to show off their listing when it comes time for them to sell. So, now you should simply tap the middle icon in the row of icons at the bottom of the Instagram app. This opens up your photo and video capabilities. Once open, tap on the Video tab and click the red button to begin recording your clip.

Tip #3: Use Instagram Ads To Gain Local Interest

Use this simple tip to jump way ahead of all those your competitors: Instagram sponsored posts will get your images in front of a local targeted audience. You can create sponsored ads posts using Facebook for a very small budget. What’s important for every realtor to understand about this tip is that you can target a demographic beyond just your own friends and family currently following you. When you use Instagram ads, you can show off your listings and photos of happy people who have worked with you to help viewers what it would be like to work with you. This helps you because you can certainly do Instagram ads to any of your posts, but I would suggest doing a 15-second video introducing them to a new hot spot in the neighborhood, or invite them to a barbecue at your next open house. If you did a 15-second insta-story ad, that would totally make you stand out. If you need a longer video you can do a one-minute or less video and post that directly on to your Instagram feed and create a sponsored ad towards that video. Now the thing for you to do is to think about a story or a situation you encountered and how you were able to help the client overcome this obstacle. It could be a tip, a mistake that someone made, or a situation that you came across where you gave them the value they couldn’t find elsewhere. Then, give them a call to action to a blog post, invite to an open house event, a gathering you are sponsoring or a landing page where they can send their info for you to contact them. Your efforts with Instagram Marketing will get much easier and faster when you accept and start using the knowledge from these three tips to become a successful realtor and leave your competitors behind.

Brian has 20 years of experience in professional sales. He is a LinkedIn expert who helps sales professionals get more prospects by utilizing their LinkedIn profile. He is a master connector, sales strategist, sales trainer, coach and presenter. Brian has worked in the title insurance business for 14 years and has worked with such well-known authors and speakers as Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins and Michael Gerber. Brian focuses on assisting sales professionals, business owners and senior leadership teams to grow their businesses and bran visibility to create a top-of-mind awareness using the LinkedIn platform with psychographic prospecting techniques. He recently shared the following five LinkedIn tips:

Tip #1: Change your privacy settings

If you have never gone into your Linkedin privacy settings then you have the default settings, which allows others to view your connections list. If you want to look at other profiles, then Linkedin will notify the person that you viewed their profile. If you would like to take a more strategic approach to your prospecting, then try setting your view mode to private. In private mode no one can see that you looked at their profile.

— Tip #2: Accept all invitations.

LinkedIn measures its connections by 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree. The more people you become connected to the more opportunity you will have to connect to a 2nd degree connection. A 2nd degree connection is someone who has a contact in common. A 3rd degree connection is someone that you don’t have contacts in common. LinkedIn makes it difficult to connect with 3rd degree connections as they assume you will be trying to sell them something.

Everyone will need to set their own criteria for which parameters to choose when accepting invites. It is a good idea to be connected to your competition as well.

Tip #3: Searching with filters

Use the LinkedIn search functions to drill down a more specific target client list. You can filter your data by geographical region, industry, job title, school alumni, companies and past companies.

Tip #4: Top-of-mind visibility

Use the Home Page (5CL Method) (daily) with five comments or five likes. Like and comment on five posts daily (any combination is fine). Personally comment under posted articles to put yourself in 1st position. Engage with people who do comment (like and return comment). Connect with poster explaining you enjoyed their article and want to connect. Follow up with endorsement to posting individual, endorse for one skill. Phone call for people who catch your eye-let them know you liked their article. Tip: Use generic comments the goal is to position yourself first in the comments section so others will see your profile. Comment by saying, “Thanks for sharing!,” or “Great Advice!,” or “Agreed!”

Tip #5:  Your profile

Add some characters, such as stars, to your headline so that you stand out in the searches. LinkedIn searches for keywords in the very top of your profile. Take advantage of the SEO potential and add words that people will be looking for, such as geographic areas and services. Do the same in your summary section. Remember the more keywords the better. Don be humble, everything you have done in your work experience matters for SEO optimization.

More information will be shared the YPN event on Thursday, July 12. We hope to see you there.