Tri Cities

For those seeking affordable living in North San Diego County, the Tri Cities offer a welcome price break compared to the luxury estates of the South and Central Coasts. A triangle of coastal paradise, hillside terrain, and agricultural magic, Vista, Oceanside, and San Marcos form the Tri Cities.

San Marcos has something for everybody. For the shopping enthusiast, delight in the city’s unique retail centers; for the trail enthusiast, spend hours traversing the beautiful trails in the foothills of northern San Diego County. Known as the heart of education in North San Diego North, San Marcos is a center for life-long learning. Whether you enroll in courses at Palomar College or you indulge in a self-guided study of the flora and fauna in one of the city’s 35 parks, this is a place to plant your roots.

Vista is an agriculturural paradise, thanks to some impressive water engineering and the ingenuity of its early avocado farmer residents. While Fallbrook has stolen Vista’s original title as the “avocado capital of the world,” Vista continues to boast lush hillsides ripe with avocados and other crops. With median home values under half a million, Vista is a great area for families searching for starter homes in North San Diego County.

Oceanside is the Tri Cities’ coastal heart. Known for its idyllic Harbor Beach and the quaint Oceanside Harbor, Oceanside also home to the Ironman California 70.3, which attracts thousands of athletes every year. Oceanside is a perfect fit for outdoor enthusiasts with its wealth of surf, biking and walking trails. What the neighborhood lacks in walkability, it makes up in affordability. Ocean-facing property for less than half a million? Yes, please.