South Coast

North San Diego County’s South Coast is a mecca of affluence and old-world luxury. And the secret’s out: frequented by Hollywood celebrities for decades, the district’s beautiful beaches and old-growth trails are some of the West Coast’s finest. Choice cities in South Coast include Del Mar, Carmel Valley, Solana Beach, and Rancho Santa Fe.

Del Mar, founded in 1885 by Colonel Jacob Taylor, is rooted in visions of an upscale seaside resort for the world’s rich and famous. Today, the area lives up to its founder’s aspirations, as Del Mar continues to host society events like the Del Mar Horse Races, and its housing inventory is some of the most expensive in the County.

Carmel Valley, while affluent like neighboring Del Mar, is the new kid on South Coast’s block. While the Carmel Valley community formed in the mid-1970s, construction didn’t begin until the mid-’80s. Ranked as one of the top five best places to live in the San Diego area, this safety-conscious area offers a nice mix of housing options ranging from Spanish style villas to modern construction.

Solana Beach is South Coast’s relaxed beach town. Residents praise this tight-knit community as an area united by a strong desire to maintain the quality of life for all families and individuals for generations to come. Though Solana Beach’s average home cost is higher than nearby Carmel Valley, the block or two walk to the ocean can’t be beat.

Rancho Santa Fe is a history lover’s paradise. Home to the original “Bing Crosby Clambake” (yes, it really was hosted by Bing himself!), many California Historical Landmarks, and the notorious Heaven’s Gate Cult, Rancho Santa Fe is brimming with character. Officially recognized as “The Covenant of Rancho Santa Fe,” the homes in this neighborhood are among some of the most beautiful and exclusive in North San Diego County.