Worlds away from North San Diego County’s ocean-facing cities, the Inland district is home to rolling hills peppered by avocado and citrus orchards, rugged terrain, and phenomenal people. Top cities in this North San Diego area include Fallbrook, Escondido, and Bonsall.

Fallbrook Known as “friendly village,” Fallbrook is a place of its own. Fallbrook’s downtown area is far removed from any major highways, which creates a sense of seclusion and respite from busy neighboring areas. Residents in Fallbrook relish living at an intersection of art, agriculture, avocados. Did we mention this town is the avocado epicenter of the world? Housing choices in Fallbrook range from ranch-style estates to single-family homes.

Escondido, which translates to “hidden” in Spanish, has outgrown its reputation as a secret city. Today, Escondido welcomes a diverse population with colorful cuisine, ethnic markets, and an abundance of family-owned businesses. Home prices are a bargain in Escondido in comparison to other areas in North San Diego County, and housing options vary to fit different family structures and lifestyles.

Bonsall is one of North County’s smallest towns. With a population yet to reach 5,000, Bonsall is revered as the best rural city in San Diego, with the amenities of a top-tier city. A constant valley breeze creates temperate weather, top public schools create a strong pull for families, and the wealth of recreational opportunities work to make Bonsall a perfect storm for ideal San Diego living.