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How to Win a New Client: Make Yourself Memorable

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By Paul Benec

 Real estate will always be a people business. There’s nothing like the power of human connection. The relationship between a client and an agent form the lifeblood of the real estate industry. The most successful real estate agents I know enjoy meeting new people. In our business, every day presents a new opportunity to meet someone new. So, how do you convert a lead and win a new client? Here are a few ideas.

Make yourself memorable.

 How are you going to differentiate yourself from someone else? The goal is to make yourself memorable. This takes more than a slogan. You begin by developing rapport with people, establishing integrity by sharing yourself and being vulnerable and then follow-up with sharing market knowledge based on the person’s goals and dreams. Often I hear them admit that I’m talking to them about real estate in a way they’ve never heard before.

 Remember, the real estate business sits at the intersection of the emotion and the transaction. The left brain does the math, the dollar-per-square-foot calculations, mortgage amount and title insurances. Meanwhile, the right brain influences the place where you want to rest your home at night. It’s the side that feels that a certain home is right to raise their kids.

 So, peak their interest and find out what they want to know about real estate. Maybe they like numbers, maybe they want a view. Engage their intellect about the subject of real estate.

Learn their “DISC.”

Perhaps you have heard of this popular behavior style assessment tool that helps to identify behavioral tendencies. I’ve used it for years. DISC is a powerful and profoundly simple tool to help you understand people. “DISC” stands for “Dominance,” “Influence,” “Steadiness” and “Conscientiousness.” Here’s the link to find out your own “DISC,” www.123test.com/disc-personality-test/.

 For example, a “dominant” person places an emphasis on accomplishing bottom-line results. They see the big picture with confidence. They can be blunt and get straight to the point. Secondly, the person who places an emphasis on “influencing” or persuading others shows enthusiasm for relationships, is open and optimistic, likes to collaborate and dislikes being ignored. Thirdly, the “steady” person places an emphasis on cooperation, sincerity and dependability. They don’t like to be rushed and prefer a calm manner and approach. Lastly, the conscientious person places emphasis on quality, accuracy, expertise and competency. They enjoy objective reasoning and independence. They want the details and fear of being wrong.

 You can win a new client by determining a prospect’s main “DISC” factor. Ask questions, listen carefully, determine their “DISC,” and then you will know how to adapt and sell to that person. Are they analytical and looking for volumes of details on the neighborhood? Or, are they more relational and attracted to the idea of new friendships at their kids’ school? Or, if they’re steady, then they’ll never swing at the first pitch and will want to see all 75 or so homes in their price range before making a decision. An engineer is likely to want an in-depth market analysis, while a first-time homebuyer might care more about the location of the nearest public park. If you learn a prospect’s behavioral style, then you will win more new clients.

Remember the basics.

Sometimes, agents will over-think their approach to new business. They’re looking for a magic-bullet marketing plan or secret social media strategy. Instead, I’ve found it’s best to remember the basics, including door knocking, open houses, geographic mailings, follow-up phone calls, coffees or lunch with key referral sources. Participating in or organizing community events is a great way to network and increase name recognition. For example, attend a charity’s fundraiser walk, host a community garage sale, or sponsor a youth sports team or school event.

Good luck.

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