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How to Win a New Client: Create the Deal

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By Dana Whittaker

 A highpoint in our profession is winning a new client. But you won’t get picked if they don’t know about you. So, I would like to share with our NSDCAR REALTOR® members about the importance of including some personal information in your bio.

 Whether it’s posted on the broker’s website, or your own personal website, your bio needs to include more than the sales-brochure-language, blah-blah boring platitudes about how hard you work and how honest you are. Does that differentiate you from any other REALTOR®? I don’t think so.

 Sure, your business background is helpful. However, in addition, be transparent and share with the readers your personal goals, hobbies and family. Don’t be afraid to give them some info they can resonate with.

 When you’re transparent, you invite trust by revealing that you have nothing to hide. You establish yourself as an honest, credible person in the eyes of others. There is freedom in transparency. The last thing your new client wants to see is for you to be isolated and hide behind walls in the shadows. Instead, show people that you are honest and authentic and you don’t wear masks. Integrity is when people honestly describe you as: “What you see is what you get.” Our business is all about relationships. And showing who you are can create relationships.

 I know this to be true. I have won new clients because they later said to me, “I read your bio and I share the same goals as you do,” or “I have a family like you do,” or I have the same hobbies as you do,” whether it’s standing up on a paddle board or running marathons. I’m a mom, daughter, caretaker, sister and school volunteer, and our clients need to know that.

 Another way I’ve won new clients is to take the initiative and create and put together a deal where no deal previously existed. I’ve learned that sometimes it works to not wait for inventory to come on the market. Instead, on behalf of a buyer, go out and find a property. Yes, there are owners who are thinking about selling, but they haven’t put their hands up yet. Yes, it took extra work, including knocking on doors, sending letters and calling on the phone. But, I’ve closed several deals for buyers because we found the home they wanted before the owner decided to sell. Make it happen with effort and persistence.

 We work in a very rewarding and fulfilling industry. But, it takes a warrior mindset to be successful. There must be a willingness to move mountains and do whatever it takes to serve our clients well.

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