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What’s In It For Me? Plenty.

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By Michael Carunchio

Outgoing 2017 NSDCAR Board President

It has been my honor and privilege to serve as your NSDCAR President in 2017. Thank you for giving me your confidence to serve in this leadership role. The year was filled with many memorable moments, both highs and lows, but overall, it was a fantastic year.

 As my time as President comes to an end, I want to take this opportunity to encourage you to stay involved and step up become more involved with our Association in 2018. Your personal participation in NSDCAR makes a tremendous difference in our industry’s success. Without member engagement to help advance the mission and give back to our profession, our Association could fade into irrelevance. There is truth to the statement about “strength in numbers.”

 The benefits of getting involved in NSDCAR are numerous. There are many rewarding ways. As I discovered first hand this past year with more “ah-ha” moments than I can count, you can receive much more than you give when you commit to volunteer.

 If you want to get connected in your industry, then join in and make a contribution. If you want to grow your business, expand the industry, increase your community knowledge and meet others, then get involved in NSDCAR. Now is the best time to make new friends, share your story, lend your support and shine a light. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun each and every day.

 If you want to affect change, express your opinion about the importance of housing and communities, speak up about ethical issues or influence public policy and private property rights, then getting involved in NSDCAR is the best thing you can do. Believe in something bigger than yourself. Together we can make a difference.

 No matter what stage of your career, if you want to raise the bar, learn new skills, gain new insights and experience meaningful ways to grow and learn, then take advantage of the many outstanding NSDCAR professional development educational opportunities, including classes and courses.

 The services provided by NSDCAR also are numerous, ranging from technical training and support and transaction forms to political advocacy, networking and industry news and information, as well as market research and statistics. There is so much more to our Association than the MLS, lockboxes and an invoice.

 A recent survey conducted by Inman Group revealed that many REALTORS® were unaware of the services offered by their Association because they were not involved. These same respondents who said they saw “no value” in their Association also sparsely attended Association events. You won’t maximize your membership experience unless you get involved. Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Don’t be a “MINO,” member in name only.

 In closing this farewell message, I want to say again that it has been a pleasure to have served. It was gratifying to serve with such outstanding board members. I am grateful for our incredible Association staff led by Rich D’Ascoli, our CEO (the staff are the ultimate multi-taskers). I am appreciative of the many members throughout the year who graciously volunteered their time and provided their insights, expertise and knowledge at our various events, classes and workshops that made our industry better than before. I look forward to staying involved and supporting the 2018 leadership team. Let’s resolve in the New Year to be even stronger than before. We all have busy lives, but thanks in advance for your future involvement and participation.

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