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The 3 changes in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update that will benefit Realtors (by Jessicar – Tech Helpline)

Microsoft is releasing a large update for Windows 10, which they have dubbed the “Anniversary Update.” There is no official release date at the time of this writing, but it is expected this summer, near the one year anniversary of Windows 10’s ...

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Are you at risk of losing your Facebook access? (By the Tech Helpline Team @ Tech Helpline)

Marketing and real estate go together like peanut butter and jelly, but times have changed since the local newspapers were the go-to place to make your brand known to the community. These days, people go online to find anything they need, and Soci...

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Four Simple Steps You Can Take To Optimize Windows 10 Performance (by Jessicar - Tech Helpline)

Windows 10 is a relatively new Operating System (OS) from Microsoft. Since Microsoft is aggressively pushing it on all their users, you may have already installed it on your computer, and we want to show you the four steps needed to keep it optimized...

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5 Basic Tips For Taking Great Photos With Your iPhone (By Jessicar - Tech Helpline)

Every day we see an increase in people replacing their digital cameras for their smartphones to take pictures. This is mainly because manufacturers are adding some incredible lenses to smartphones, which make it a very convenient device to capture da...

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