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Online Security

Antivirus Programs For Your Protection

Antivirus programs are used to prevent, detect and remove computer viruses, worms, spyware and adware. They not only your protect computer from damage but also prevents the passing of malware to other computers. Below is a list of popular antivirus programs. Some offer a trial version and others offer a free version.

NameFor more information
Panda Securityhttp://www.pandasecurity.com/usa
Norton Securityhttp://us.norton.com


Updated for 2016 via the SANS (System Administration, Networking, and Security Institute) new
“Securing the Human” web portal, we continue to present links to the SANS “Ouch” Security Newsletter, a valuable resource for keeping abreast of best practices, emerging threats and trends in online safety and security, and useful information to help technology owners and users stay safe and socially responsible in their connected business endeavors.

SANS “Ouch!” 2016:

January 2016:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Securing Your New Tablet
February 2016:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Securing Your Home Network
March 2016:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - What Is Malware
April 2016:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - I'm Hacked, Now What?
May 2016:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Internet of Things
June 2016:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Encryption
July 2016:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - CEO Fraud
August 2016:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Ransomware
September 2016:SANS "Ouch!" Security News -Email Do’s and Don’ts
October 2016:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Four Steps to Staying Secure
November 2016:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Using The Cloud Securely

SANS “Ouch!” 2015:

January 2015:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Securely Using Mobile Apps
February 2015:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Staying Secure on the Road
March 2015:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Gaming Online Safely & Securely
April 2015: SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Passphrases
May 2015:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Securing the Cyber Generation Gap
June 2015:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Educating Kids on Cyber Safety
July 2015:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Social Media
August 2015:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Backup & Recovery
September 2015:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Two-Step Verification
October 2015:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Password Managers
November 2015:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Shopping Online Securely
December 2015:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Phishing

SANS “Ouch!” 2014:

January 2014:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Securing Your Home Network
February 2014:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - What is Malware
March 2014:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - The End of Windows XP
April 2014:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Yes, You Are A Target
May 2014:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - I'm Hacked, Now What?
June 2014:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Disposing of Your Mobile Device
July 2014: SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Email Do's and Don'ts
August 2014:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Encryption
September 2014:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Using the Cloud Securely
October 2014:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Five Steps to Staying Secure
November 2014:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - Social Engineering
December 2014:SANS "Ouch!" Security News - What Is Anti-Virus?

Security News from WIRED.com

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