USB Drives... The Portable Solution That's Long Overdue!


By Mike Dooley, Systems Administrator, NSDCAR

  For some time now, your North San Diego County Association of REALTORSÒ has been carrying a little product in our stores that can be a wonderfully useful addition to your mobile computing solution… the USB Drive.
  These little flash memory devices, configured to look like a keychain-fob, and requiring no special software or drivers whatsoever, can hold much larger amounts of data than was ever available with the ubiquitous 3.5-inch form factor floppy diskette drive.  The models carried at our REALTOR® store hold 256 megabytes of data, and I can attest to the usefulness of these devices.
  Now, instead of carrying a pile of CD’s and floppies around with me, I can pre-load a USB drive with everything needed for a service call, then simply plug the drive into the customer’s PC on arrival, and enjoy rapid access to all the necessary software tools for the job.
  From a REALTOR® standpoint, these little devices could represent the same sort of convenience.  If you’ve got listings downloaded to an application on your desktop or notebook PC, you can simply record the necessary files on the USB drive, and avoid having to fetch out and hook up your portable PC when you need quick access to the data.  Just plug your USB drive into the USB port on anyone’s computer, and you’ve got instant access to your stuff!  Store some CMA’s or listing printouts, toss the little USB drive in your pocket, and no matter where you go, you can quickly access and print the documents for a potential client.  Keep copies of all your current property flyers within easy and quick reach, print them anywhere, and never worry about a dead notebook battery blocking access to your files.  There’s even a model that doubles as an MP3 music file player, so when you’re not carrying data, you can carry tunes.  With no moving parts, it’s absolutely skip-free and so tiny it tucks away anywhere, to go along on a walk or jog, or a Sunday-full of property showings!
  Stop by your NSDCAR REALTOR® Store, and take a look at these great little devices… we’ve even got them emblazoned with the NSDCAR logo!  Data on the go, for REALTORS® on the go… a perfect match!