The Center for RealtorŪ Technology, a department of N.A.R., is working on new computer software for RealtorsŪ and they need your help. Unlike traditional software vendors, their projects are financially supported by N.A.R. and the final products will be offered free of charge to members. They are seeking a better understanding of the use of the Internet by RealtorsŪ to help direct future development.


A survey is currently being conducted to gauge the reaction of people in the field and take suggestions about the RealtorŪ-Client Communication Gateway software being produced by the Center for RealtorŪ Technology.

Clicking on the link below will take you to a brief demonstration of the RCCG platform. Please take the time to explore the demo and read about the different pages available. You will be instructed how to move around and finally exit the demo to take the survey.

Click here to complete the RCCG Survey.