Hacking No Longer For Fun, But PROFIT  
  hackers evolve

Several top security firms have released recent articles chronicling the change in the computer hacker world, and its motivations.  What used to consist of teenagers with too much time and equipment on their hands breaking into systems to put a "feather in their cap" has evolved into a huge, highly-organized identity theft and denial-of-service enterprise, using minors for the dirty work, due to their immunity from prosecution as adults.  Yes, it's all about money these days, and hacking your computer for information, or just to make it part of a network of compromised machines to forward unsolicited email, is reaping big profits in the underworld, the third world, and all over the world.
  With cash as the motivator, security firms are predicting dire possibilities in the future; no one knows exactly how many computers on the Internet have been already compromised, nor how many more are added each day, but the figures are alarming, and the "other shoe" has yet to drop.  What will be done with all these "zombie" systems that are currently or soon-to-be infected?   Rest assured, it will cost us all lots of money, time, and effort, and will profit greatly for the realm of organized crime.
  Have you updated your anti-virus and spyware detection today?