"Electronic Ink" debuts in Sony LIBRIe e-Book Reader


Greetings, NSDCAR Members!

Another technology breakthrough is currently making its way into the Japan electronics market, called the LIBRIe, an e-book reader from Sony.  Utilizing an "electronic ink" technology which resulted from a collaborative effort of Sony, Phillips, E Ink, and Toppan Printing of Japan, these devices can store up to 10,000 pages of printed material in a flexible, black-and-white sheet of plastic substrate which only requires power when changing the displayed content.  Sometimes referred to as "digital paper",  a bank of four "AAA" batteries will retain the content of approximately 500 books, with power only being consumed at the turn of a page.  Future applications of this technology hold great promise for paper-intensive businesses such as real estate, as well as a whole new era of convenient access to large volumes of data in a portable, accessible format.  Good stuff!