The time has come, the REALTOR® said,
To speak of many things,
Of trusts and deeds, inspections and weeds,
And termites and bathtub rings.

This house would sell, but the yard looks like hell,
And the furnace is growling and bilious;
I’d best walk the walk, and stop talking the talk…
It’s time to call in THE AFFILIATES!

There are bugs in the basement, dry rot on the porch,
In the walls there is black stuff that's growing;
But there's nothing to fear, THE AFFILIATES are here...
We'll soon have it ready for showing!

Though they don't wear the "R", as they step to the bar,
And take up their yoke of hard labor;
Let us toast THE AFFILIATES, who rescue the deal,
They are every agent's "good neighbor"!


M. Thomas "Mike" Dooley
Information Technology Director
North San Diego County Association of REALTORS®