Viruses... are they so '90's?  
  Greetings, NSDCAR members!  
  A recent article from PC Magazine's 'Security Watch' notes that anti-virus software producer Panda Software has identified a trend in malware infections that features the gradual decline of actual "virus" as the top threat.  Instead, they observe, the growing threats are so-called "Trojan Horses", which can install backdoor software, keystroke loggers, and other spyware that steals personal identity information or intellectual properties from compromised systems.  
Threat 2004 2005
Trojan Horses 38% 42%
Bots 25% 26%
Backdoors 7% 11%
Dialers 9% 8%
Worms 6% 6%
Adware/Spyware 3% 2%
Viruses 2% 1%
Others 11% 3%