Urgent Alert Raised for 'Blackworm' D-Day  
  Greetings, NSDCAR members!  
  Excerpted from eWeek Online
By Ryan Naraine
January 24, 2006

A high-powered group of security volunteers are raising an "urgent alert" for a potentially destructive e-mail worm crawling through inboxes, warning that the worm's payload is capable of completely destroying important documents on an infected machine.

The worm, which uses the lure of sexually explicit Kama Sutra photographs to trick e-mail users into executing an attachment, is programmed to deliver the destructive payload on the third day of every month.

With a D-Day of Feb. 3 fast approaching, members of the MWP (Malicious Web sites and Phishing) research and operational mailing list have set up a task force to track the threat and help ISPs identify infected users in their net-space.

Gadi Evron, CERT manager in Israel's ministry of finance, is coordinating an industry-wide effort to get businesses and consumers to update anti-virus definitions to help thwart the continued spread of the worm.

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