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How I Saved the Deal: Look for other options

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By: Bill Richard

 Have you ever had one of those eureka, aha moments when you said “wow?” Well, in real estate sales, moments come up that can define who you are as a person. Sometimes, being a REALTOR® is a combination between a social worker, psychologist, pastor or priest. You are constantly thinking on your feet. And, every appointment is an opportunity. So, here are a couple of recent ways on how I saved the deal:

 An older couple thought they were going to lose their home. They were sad and discouraged. However, after some really serious counseling, they decided to do a reverse mortgage loan and they were saved from losing their home. To this day, that couple still sends me referrals. With a reverse mortgage, a client is leveraging the home equity they’ve built up. The client can use their money to pay medical expenses, finance home improvements or subsidize their monthly income. Reserve mortgage can work well with senior homeowners who want to remain living in their homes while aging in place.

 Another time, a young couple asked me about the value of their property because they were planning to get divorced. Divorce can be one of the most difficult times in somebody’s life. It can cause someone not to think clearly. Divorces can run the gamut from amicable to ugly. Often, the uglier the divorce, the more difficult it is to sell the couple’s home. But, to be successful in real estate, you have to really listen. Establishing trust is paramount. Fortunately, what this young couple really needed was someone who would listen to both of them and help them begin repairing their marriage instead of selling their home. To this day, that couple is still happily married and they send me a card every year on their anniversary.

 Another time, a couple from back east wanted to buy a property west of Interstate 5 and install a pool because it was their dream. However, since they were living in another state, they didn’t understand how often the coastal fog rolls in from the Pacific Ocean and how the fog could affect their dream. So, before they bought the property, I brought them to two of my current clients who owned homes with pools located west of Interstate 5. The couple from back east interviewed my two current clients. Their eyes were opened and they said two things: First, they thanked me for educating them and keeping them from making a mistake; Second, they thanked me for bringing new friends into their lives. The couple from back east did not buy a home west of Interstate 5. Instead, they bought a home with a pool about two miles inland.

 To me, saving the deal is all about doing the right thing at the right time. It means being open to thinking that this business is not always about the bottom line. Rather, it is about people who are trusting someone with their greatest asset. The moment they open their door to me I open my heart to them. Saving the deal is a calling not to be taken lightly.

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