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Become a Certified Risk Mitigation Specialist!

Reduce Risk, Liability and the Possibility of Litigation,
Obtain a Risk Mitigation Specialist Certification!

NSDCAR’s Risk Mitigation Specialist Certification Program gives you the upper hand in
minimizing risk within your real estate transactions!

ACT TODAY! Special Introductory BONUS Offer – Expires 12/31/16:

You may have already completed course(s) at NSDCAR in 2016 that qualify as a required or elective course,
which means you are already on your way to completing your certificate requirements. Don’t wait! This
Special Introductory Offer is only valid through December 31, 2016. After December 31, 2016, no course(s)
will be accepted as meeting course requirements if taken prior to your Risk Mitigation Specialist application date.
Click here for application and a complete course schedule.

Benefits you’ll receive as a Certified Risk Mitigation Specialist!

  • FREE admission on select NSDCAR courses
  • 20% Savings on individual required certificate courses
  • Discount on C.A.R. RealCare Errors and Omission insurance
  • VIP registration and seating at select NSDCAR events
  • Re-take required or elective certificate courses at no charge
  • Annual luncheon
  • Why should you become a Risk Mitigation Specialist?

  • If you are ready to take your education to the next level
  • If you want to gain a competitive edge over your competition
  • If you want the tools to identify red flags and reduce your exposure to risk and litigation
  • If you want to stay on top of industry changes and provide your clients with the utmost protection during transactions
  • If you want to elevate your professionalism – This certification is for you
  • Gain a competitive edge from other REALTORS®

    As a Risk Mitigation Specialist member you save 20% off the REALTOR® price for each of your required and elective courses.
    Save an additional 30% by paying for all seven (7) core courses at the time of application. That is a total of 50% savings off the
    REALTOR® price!

    Required Courses

  • RPA-CA (4 hour class)
  • Guide to Residential Disclosures
  • Transaction A-Z
  • Safety Awareness
  • Property Management
  • Legal Update
  • For questions regarding the certification or classes you have
    previously taken that may qualify, call (760) 734-3971.

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