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Protecting Your Business With Two Mouse Clicks – What To Do When You Get a RED ALERT!

Posted by Lynn Sullivan in News | 0 comments

Sometimes it seems so much easier to hit the delete button than to take a moment to read another one of those e-mails from CAR or NAR. That is apparent by the fact that less than 10 percent of California REALTORS® have responded to recent Red Alert messages from NAR.

One of the most important tasks of REALTOR® Associations at the local, state and national level is to protect private property rights, advocate for the real estate consumer and protect you from increased liability and costs of doing business.

When you receive a Call to Action from CAR or a Red Alert from NAR, you should recognize these communications as a serious request for your help to address a pending legislative or regulatory issue. The other thing you should know is that your associations have made it extremely easy for you to let you voice be heard and your voice can easily be a part of a loud Realtor response if everyone participates.

In some cases, the CAR alert will contain a draft letter that you can simply copy and send to your legislator. Most CAR calls for action are targeted to specific legislators, so your personal response is even more important because legislators are hearing from their constituents.

NAR has made it even easier with development of the REALTOR® Action Center App for your cell phone or tablet. Visit the App Store and download the free REALTOR® Action Center App. Once set up you simply have to click on the Red Alert and a communication is sent to your Congressman or U.S. Senator supporting the REALTOR® position. Additionally the App allows you to track your response history and receive important background information on critical REALTORS® at the National level.

Your voice is important. Strong REALTOR® response to alerts in the past allowed NAR to defeat repeated efforts by banks to enter real estate. REALTOR® voices were also major factors in capital gains tax reforms, protecting mortgage interest deductions and small business health coverage and appraisal issues.

Your voice can be heard loud and clear if you simply click twice and respond to Red Alerts. Your job is to sell real estate. Your association’s job is to help you to be successful. The e-mails you get with Calls to Action of Red Alerts are simple and effective ways of working together for your continued success.

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