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Paragon v5.61 Release October 11th!

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Collab Center Updates:

Address 2 Line has been added to the listing address.  You will now see data like the unit, apt, and suite numbers on addresses.

New Agent Notification Emails – A new Email Notification template has been created for the Collaboration Center Agent Notifications.  The new template has a similar look and feel as the new Welcome Email, released in 5.60 including a responsive design that adjusts for desktop and mobile devices.

New Customer Notification Email – Like the new Agent Notification Email, the new Customer Notification Email has been updated.  The newresponsive design automatically adjust for tablets and mobile devices.

Updates to the Collaboration Center Notification Email Message Body – As previously communicated in order to support the new Notification Email formats, the rich text editor (which contains options for formatting, adding images, etc.) has been replaced with a basic editor.  This ensures that the formatting within the Notification Email remains consistent.  Users still have the ability to customize the text in the Collaboration Center Notifications, but will not need to worry about formatting.

Also note that this change also includes the removal of the ability to include a preset E-mail Signature with the Collab Center Notifications.  The new notification templates already include agent contact information that is normally included in standard E-mail signatures.

Improved Color Coding on Pop-up Messages – The color coding has been improved on the pop-up messages that appear throughout the system to make them clearer.  Each message type now has a different color and a new message type has been added.

  • Green – Success
  • Yellow – Warning
  • Red – Alert
  • Blue – Info

New Agent Reminder to Send Initial List of Saved Search Listings to Prospective Buyers -After the legacy email notification setup process has been completed for new contacts, a new message appears reminding the agent to email the buyer the initial list of listings.  A link has also been added that will open all of the listings from that saved search making it easy to email immediately.

Subject Property:  New combined Maintain and Convert Feature – A new streamlined way  to maintain and convert subject property listings is all in one place.  The action option to convert a subject property has been removed and all properties will be maintained or converted by selecting the Maintain Subject Property hyperlink.

Auto-Save Added to CMA Wizard – When creating or modifying a CMA in the CMA Wizard, your progress will be saved automatically when you use the Next/Back Buttons or when you click on a step to move through the Create CMA Steps.

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