MLS Information

MLS Information

The North San Diego County Association of REALTORS® operates five Service Centers providing a variety of services to MLS participants and subscribers. Our representatives are here to answer your questions and assist you with MLS changes, corrections and updates.

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MLS Rules Changes

In order to clarify proper listing compensation procedures in light of short sale negotiator fees, the California Association of Realtors (CAR) modified Rule 7.15.2. The CAR rules were changed in December 2010 and the Sandicor Board of Directors adopted the Model Rule in January 2011. The changes have been highlighted for your review.

7.15.2 Lender Approval Listings. Compensation offered through the MLS to cooperating brokers on listings which require lender approval (commonly referred to as “short sale” listings) is for the amount published therein unless the listing broker indicates on the MLS the following: (a) the fact that the sale and gross commission are subject to lender approval; and (b) the amount or method by which the compensation offered through the MLS will be reduced if the lender reduces the gross commission. This section does not allow an additional reduction from the commission offered for items such as a short sale negotiator fee or other administrative costs of the transaction. Any reductions from the commission offered for such items should be factored in as a reduced amount the listing broker initially offers to a cooperating broker and may not be made a condition of the offer.

The Compensation to Buyer’s Broker field (CBB) is an unconditional offer of compensation from the listing broker to the cooperating broker. The confidential remarks are not to be used to reduce the cooperating broker’s compensation for the use of a short sale negotiator or any other third party fee.

For a very helpful list of the do’s and don’ts of listing a short sale on the MLS please access the following link: Sandicor MLS Short-Sale Dos and Don’t s”


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Listing Input Forms and More

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MLS Documents and Forms

Here you will find the information and forms that you’ll need to keep your listings in compliance and current.

Sandicor Rules and Regulations

Sandicor Rules Enforcement Policy – Appendix A

Sandicor Rules Enforcement Policy – Appendix B (Citation and Schedule of Fines)

Listing Transfer Form

Status and Change Form

Variance Request Form, Appendix C with Supplement

Authorization to Exclude Listing from MLS, Appendix E

Know your Zip Codes

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Placing Advertisement on Another Agent’s Listing

Please remember, before placing an advertisement for another agents listing, to obtain written consent from the listing broker (see Sandicor Rules & Regulations 12.8). A violation of this rule may result in a fine.

For more information or questions, contact Sandicor’s Rules Department at (858) 622-6200.

Thinking About Buying a Camera?

Consider These Tips:

When choosing a camera for your real estate business choose one that meets the following minimum requirements for MLS photo purposes.

  • Photograph must be saved in .jpg format
  • Resolution is to be 640 pixels by 480 pixels
  • DPI (dots per inch) recommended at 150
  • Resolution or DPI can be larger but may get distorted if too large. Suggest resizing if too large.
  • Remember a maximum of 25 photos is allowed for each listing. Photos can be added once you have a valid listing number.

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