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She Has 6 Dogs, 1 Cat and a 16-Year-Old Potbellied Pig Named Wilbur

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Kimberly Fell
HomeSmart Realty West

You may know REALTOR® member Kimberly Fell who serves on the NSDCAR board of directors representing the Tri-Cities district. She joined the board in July 2013 to fill a vacancy and is now completing her second two-year term, which ends in December.

But did you know that Kimberly has eight pets, including six dogs, one cat and one potbellied pig named Wilbur? “I am very pet-centric, and have a special place in my heart for senior and disabled dogs,” said Kimberly, who also volunteers with Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego. “One of our dogs is blind, another is paralyzed and a third who has heart disease is pharmaceutically powered.”

Kimberly was born and raised in Decorah, Iowa. She attended the University of Iowa and was a member of the Hawkeye Marching Band. She played the clarinet and later joined the flag corp. “The music majors thought I wasn’t serious enough,” Kimberly said, “Besides, who can hear a clarinet in a marching band anyway? I had more fun with the flag corp. My freshman year we went to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl, my sophomore and junior years we came to San Diego for the Holiday Bowl. After spending three straight Christmas seasons in Southern California, I knew where I would move after graduating.”

On Friday, May 5, 1989, Kimberly graduated from college. She was scheduled to begin interning at the Scripps Center for Executive Health in UTC onTuesday, May 9th. “After the ceremony and all the good-byes were over, I went to bed but couldn’t sleep because I was so excited about moving to California,” she said. “So I got up and started driving west at 2 a.m. by myself with everything I owned in my 1980 VW Rabbit.”

After the internship, her first job in San Diego was selling Electrolux vacuum cleaners door to door. “In my first month, at 22 years old, I made $5,000,” said Kimberly.

Apparently, a sales career was her destiny. She started selling BMWs in 1996, and remained in the car business through 2010 as a finance director. In 2005, Kimberly was the top BMW salesperson in the country. Her sales efforts earned her an African safari trip to Kruger National Park in South Africa. “For an animal lover like me, it was the trip of a lifetime,” said Kimberly. “I had just met my husband Robert who came with me as my guest.” They were married in 2008.

The latter part of 2010 was spent studying for her real estate exam and visiting Iowa to assist her mom after her dad passed away from a brain tumor (glioblastoma) at age 65. “It was divine intervention that after 25 years of constant work and infrequent visits to Iowa I was able to spend a few months helping Mom get her affairs in order and prepare for the sale of the home my parents had owned for 45 years,” Kimberly said.

She received her real estate sales license in May 2011 and signed up with NSDCAR. In November 2012, she joined HomeSmart Realty West, which now has about 545 agents. In 2015, Kimberly earned Agent of the Year honors. In 2016, she tied for second in the Agent of the Year competition.

Kimberly and Robert moved to Fire Mountain in Oceanside in 2013, after living in the foothills of Vista for the previous 17 years.

“I love real estate and spending time with other NSDCAR members who are motivated to success,” said Kimberly. “Our Association is strong because our members are driven, self-starters. It’s inspiring to see our fellow members accomplish whatever they desire to do in their real estate careers.”

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