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He Was a Member of the So-Called “Activity Committee

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Kevin Williamson of Coldwell Bank Res Brokerage
with his wife Holley and their family

You may know NSDCAR REALTOR® member Kevin Williamson as a new NSDCAR board member representing Inland areas. Kevin is in the first year of his first, two-year term. He also is a member of NSDCAR’s Local Government Relations Committee (LGR). He also has served the past two years as a California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) Director representing NSDCAR. Kevin also served as a C.A.R. Director on behalf of the Inland Valleys Association of REALTORS® when he worked in Riverside.

But did you know that Kevin met his future wife at church claiming to be a member of the so-called “Activity Committee?” “I’ll admit it, it was the slyest thing I have ever done,” said Kevin.

Kevin was age 21 at the time. He had just returned from spending two years in the Dominican Republic on a mission trip with his church. “Holley was on a date with another guy at the time, but I wanted to meet her and get her phone number. So, me and a buddy approached them and told them we were members of the Activity Committee and we needed their phone numbers. Holley was initially reluctant. Later she told me she was going to give me the wrong number. I called her a few days later. And, the rest is history.”

Kevin and Holley will celebrate their 16th wedding anniversary in June. Today, they have five children, ages 14, 12, 9, 3 and 1. They live in Rancho Bernardo. “Our lives are packed these days with work, our kids’ school and sports activities and church,” said Kevin, who has served as a soccer, basketball, and volleyball coach.

After their wedding in 2001, Kevin was going to school with plans for a career with a corporate restructuring firm. “When I found out that I would be spending about two weeks every month on the road, that’s not ideal for newlyweds,” said Kevin. “So a mentor at church said that I would do well in real estate. But, he said I would need to spend two hours a day on cold calls, which was easy for me after speaking Spanish while knocking on doors in the Dominican Republic for eight hours every day for two years.”

Kevin started selling real estate at age 22 in November 2002. “I sold full-time for eight years before switching to real estate management,” Kevin said. He managed a real estate office in Rancho Cucamonga for three years before moving to San Diego’s Rancho Bernardo to manage another office before his current position with a Rancho Bernardo Coldwell Banker office that has about 100 agents.

“Maintaining high standards of professionalism is important to me and I enjoy helping our agents become more successful,” Kevin said. “Those are my same goals as an Association board member. I don’t take lightly my responsibilities at NSDCAR. We have an outstanding Association, and we need strong, competent, motivated directors. I want to protect and improve our industry so my children will have an opportunity to become homeowners. I can say truthfully that NSDCAR is making a huge impact in our community and industry.”

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