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The Importance of the REALTOR® Vote

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By Ernie Cowan, NSDCAR Vice President of Government Affairs
Hopefully, as a REALTOR®, you are busy with listings, client development andhome sales. November 6 is just another date on the calendar.
What you are probably not thinking about are the dozens of people running for local, regional, state and federal office that can significantly impact your clients, the real estate transaction and what you do as a real estate professional.
While state and federal officials can impact issues such as flood insurance, mortgage interest deduction and taxation, the locally elected officials are the ones who can have a more direct impact on private property rights, liability and complications to the real estate transaction.
NSDCAR has a service area that includes eight cities and the county of San Diego. Ideally, the elected leaders sitting on those boards and councils will be REALTOR® Friendly, but that’s not always the case.
This is exactly why NSDCAR is deeply involved in the local election process. Our goal is to get people elected to local office who will understand and support homeownership, an open and accessible real estate market, and a market that is free of needless and costly regulations that delay transactions that drive home prices higher.
With over 5,000 members, NSDCAR can be a loud voice in the local election process. But no matter how involved we are, your voice is not heard unless you vote.
Between now and Nov. 6, here is what you can expect as a REALTOR® member of NSDCAR.
Your Local Government Relations Committee is composed of REALTORS® representing all geographical areas within our service area. The Committee will oversee the election process by identifying candidates, conducting candidate interviews, perhaps commissioning polls, following candidates and their positions on real estate issues, endorsing REALTOR® Friendly candidates and supporting those candidates through financial contributions.
This sophisticated process allows us to identify those candidates that will at least hear and understand our issues and at best, support our views. REALTORS® in North County communities will be engaged in candidate interviews and they will forward those recommendations to the Local Government Relations Committee.
Those recommendations, combined with lots of other information, candidate history, candidate viability and how strong a campaign the candidate is running, will then determine who REALTORS® endorse.
How can you help?
First, and most importantly, register to vote and vote on Nov. 6.  In the last election cycle, we learned that 20 percent of our members were not registered to vote. Many had moved and not changed addresses, but we also found out that some did not register because of a mistaken belief they would be called for jury duty.  The jury pool is actually drawn from the California Driver’s License database. You can register at www.sdvote.com. You can even register as a permanent mail ballot voter, meaning you will receive your ballot at home and can return it by mail.
Before the Nov. 6 election, NSDCAR will publish a list of candidates that REALTORS® have selected to endorse. Take a moment to look at those candidates in your city and consider voting for them. Remember, our process only looks at candidates from the REALTOR® perspective. We respect the fact that you may have other reasons for supporting another candidate.
The power of the REALTOR® Voice is energized by three things. Those are your numbers (5,000 NSDCAR members), your voluntary contributions and dues that go to the Realtor Action Fund and your vote.
Without your vote, we can’t be success in supporting private property rights and a vibrant real estate market. The very least you can to support homeownership is to register and vote on Nov. 6.
If you want to be more involved, contact Government Affairs Director Ernie Cowan.

“The Beacon” is a regular publication of NSDCAR designed to keep you aware of important issues and to help members understand the power of the Realtor Voice and the value of the Realtor Advocacy program.  

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