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Sometimes “why” is the most important question you can ask. Every year, REALTORS® pay dues and a portion of that money pays for government affairs programs through NSDCAR, CAR and NAR. Why is that important?

Just in California alone, 876 new laws went into effect in January 2014. Nationwide there are more than 40,000 new laws and regulations every new year. Many of these laws were introduced with good intentions or were designed to solve one problem, but often create other problems.

In California, there were 4,000 bills introduced last year. Of those, more than one third had provisions that affected you as a real estate professional or had significant impacts on the real estate consumer.

Now drill down to the local level where thousands of new ordinances, resolutions, or initiatives are adopted every year. At the local level we constantly see governments trying to adopt point-of-sale mandates, encourage new parcel taxes, adopt restrictive sign regulations, impose business license fees on REALTORS® or add additional fees and taxes to the real estate transaction.

The NSDCAR Government Affairs Department is a loud voice in local politics because of you. Our membership of over 5,000 gives us a strong advocacy voice and REALTOR® Action Funds contributed by our members allow us to defend private property rights and the issues important to the consumer and the real estate professional.

At the federal level the REALTOR® Advocacy Network is dealing with issues such as flood insurance relief, preservation of mortgage interest deductions and restructuring of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

The advocacy network created by local, state and the National Association of REALTORS® works at all levels to protect you, the real estate consumer, and the real estate transaction.

The next question you might ask is, “can I do more to protect and defend the real estate industry?”

The first thing you can do is register to vote. Voter turnout in June’s Primary election was at an all-time low. You might have the loudest voice in the room, but if you fail to vote, your voice is not heard. There will be important issues and candidates on the ballot in November, so register now so your voice can be heard.

Voter registration forms are available at all NSDCAR service centers or you can register online at www.sdvote.com/. Additionally, you can make voluntary contributions to the REALTOR® Action Fund at <a href=”http://www.car.org” target=”_blank”>www.car.org</a>. Click on the Government Affairs Tab and then the REALTOR® Action Fund.

Your continued financial support will allow your Government Affairs Department to be a loud voice by supporting candidates and issues that support and contribute to a strong real estate market.

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