Each year the Shareholder associations of Sandicor, Inc. are asked to forward names of those interested in serving on Sandicorís Board of Directors or one of its two standing committees.  We are now putting out a call for any members interested in serving.  Please call CEO Dianne McMillan at 760/734-3971 or send email to Dianne to register your interest in any of the Sandicor appointments mentioned below.

NSDCAR is allowed two seats on the Sandicor Board of Directors.  The term of office is two years beginning in January and ending in December of the following year.  The two terms rotate.  Thus one Director seat becomes available each year.  Sandicor holds monthly meetings at the Sandicor offices located at 5414 Oberlin Drive, Suite 100, in San Diego.  Meetings normally begin at 10:30 a.m. and usually adjourn by 2:30 or 3:00 p.m., depending on the amount of business to be conducted.  Lunch is provided for the Directors.  No Sandicor Director can concurrently serve on the Board of Directors of any of the Shareholder associations.

There are also two standing committees at Sandicor, each of which is comprised of members from each of the Shareholder associations.  Appointments are for one year with terms running January through December.

The Budget & Finance Committee is required to hold meetings at least once a quarter, but the committee tends to hold 7 to 8 meetings a year.  The task of this committee is as the name would suggest: review of the Financial Statements, review of proposed unbudgeted expenditures, review of the annual budget, etc.  Those who serve on the Sandicor Budget & Finance Committee will be expected to attend the NSDCAR Sandicor Advisory to report.  We have one representative on this committee.

The Rules Hearings Committee is responsible for proposing any Sandicor Rules changes and for the rule enforcement process.  It is preferred that those who serve on this committee have experience in the hearing process at their local association.  The committee meets monthly with meetings typically running 2 to 3 hours.  Those who serve on the Sandicor Rules Hearing Committee will be expected to attend the NSDCAR Sandicor Advisory to report.  We have two representatives on this committee.

NSDCAR also has a Sandicor Advisory.  This is a NSDCAR committee that meets monthly to hear reports on what is happening at Sandicor, to provide input to our representatives at Sandicor, and to consider any variance requests submitted by NSDCAR agents.  Each District Council may have two representatives on this committee.  Those who serve on this Advisory are also expected to attend their respective District Council meeting to relay information, issues and suggestions.  Please contact any member of your District Council or Jennifer Soto at the Association offices if you are interested in the Advisory.  760/723-3971, Ext. 210 or send email to Jennifer.

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