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Haves & Wants

This forum is designed to market the haves and wants of the Southern California commercial real estate community.

For information on how to submit your own Have & Want listings click here  Have Wants Guidelines 2015.

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Property Description:4 Plex, ‘3’ 1 bed/1 bath units, 1 2bed/1bath unit, 100% occupied, 6% cap rate and 6.34% cash on cash return

Location:  150-56 Terracina Way, Vista, Ca
Price: $574,000
Contact: Richard Alvarez  760.224.9283  Richard@prime-investors.com

Property Description: Business Opportunity! Frozen Yogurt Shop and coffee shop, approximately 200-250SF, great location, across from newly remodeled hotel, supplies and business all included
Location: Lake San Marcos Area
Price: $75,000
Contact: Rada Ann Labe  760.814.0744  rada@labe.com

Property Description: Centrally located near the 163, 805, 15, and 52 Freeways in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego.  Each suite has its own bathroom and includes a reception area, conference room, view offices, and supply room.  As presently configured, the three suites are adjoining with a central reception desk and waiting room in Suite 106.  First floor suites with easy access in a professional building, ample parking, with a relaxing, landscaped setting.  Click Here for Flyer
Location:  4540 Kearny Villa Road, Suites 105-107, San Diego, CA 92111
Sale Price:  $199,950 per unit, market price $235,000 per unit.
Lease Price:  3-5 year gross lease, asking $1.22 per SF or $1,100 per suite/mo., market rates are $1.42-$1.71 per SF/mo.
Contact:  Will Schneider, 760.450.4100 wschneider@rosanopartners.com


Want Description: top dollar around $10m for an old church on at least 2-5 acres in encinitas area, south to la jolla.
Contact: Mehdi Zomorrodian  760.845.3146  Mehdizom@gmail.com

Want Description:  Commercial property, ½ acre min.  2000 sf bldg. min, must be located in HUB zone, priced up to $800,000.
Contact: Richard Eisendrath 760-815-8008   info@eisendrathteam.com

Want Description:  A church or an improved property that is zoned for Church use.  W of El Camino Real in Carlsbad, or Encinitas. Purchase or lease.
Contact: Richard Eisendrath 760-815-8008  info@eisendrathteam.com

Want Description:  15-Unit or less multi-family property or properties west of the I-5 from Oceanside south to Del Mar.  Have well-qualified buyer with excellent credit and significant cash reserves for immediate purchase.  Have second buyer able to purchase $1 to $4 million multi-family properties in North San Diego County, Orange County, and Los Angeles.  Fix-up or value added opportunities preferred so long as the neighborhoods are stable and safe.
Contact Info:  Will Schneider 858.633-1810 wschneider@rosanopartners.com

Want Description: Chinese Investors are looking for the Hotel/Motel business and Senior living business in North San Diego County. Either to buy the business with at least 50 rooms with restaurant, or the land to build a hotel or senior living. Flexible price range.
Contact Info: LuAnn Shaun 858.679.9889  luann.shaun@gmail.com.

Want Description:  25,000-40,000 square foot lots to buy, in upper scale locations throughout San Diego County, where car washes can be built.  These could either be a stand-alone lots or part of a larger development.  Would probably also consider purchasing an existing facility as long as the neighborhood and traffic counts would support the operation.
Contact Info: Will Schneider  858.633.1810  wschneider@rosanopartners.com

Want Description: Industrial property in Orange or LA county acre or less, industrial zoned. With or without warehouse. Price not an object, just must have the zoning.
Contact Info: Jayne Hall  760.473.2716  hallj614@yahoo.com

Want Description: 1,000 sq. ft. +/- office space – 1st floor or elevator bldg. 3,000 to 5,000 sq. ft. restaurant space – parking – Pacific Beach to Oceanside – ready to go!
Contact Info: Lee Sterling  760.230.1492 lee@leesterling.com

Description: An industrial space with an office in the front and storage in the back. The purpose is to store cars, but wants a nice little office in front with a bathroom and possible kitchen. As close to North Park as possible and under 250k. Sq ft should be 1500+
Contact Info: Criss Crozier  760.809.4985 criss@crozierteam.com

 Description: Need office building 3000 to 3500 sf, from Del mar to Carlsbad, average lease 1.50 PSF + NNN
Contact Info: Mehdi Zomorrodian 760.845.3146 Mehdizom@gmail.com

Want Description: Buildable lots in North County up to $200k
Contact InfoContact Info: Tim Rosa  760.723.1506  tim@timrosarealty.com

 Want Description: A church or an improved property that is zoned for church use. West of El Camino Real in S. Carlsbad or Encinitas, purchase or lease.
Contact InfoContact Info: Richard Eisendrath  760.815.8009  info@eisendrathteam.com

Want Description: 50% office/50% warehouse building, 15,000-21,000 sf. Escondido, Vista, San Marcos.
Highly Motivated Client!!!!!!!
Contact Info: 
Monty James  619.922.1981 monty@PacCoastER.com

Want Description: SD or Riverside Commercial/Retail/Industrial, $1-4 Million
Contact Info: Richard Alvarez  760.631.2600  richard@prime-investors.com

Want Description: (a) I have a developer looking for undeveloped land w/ access to utilities. Small up to 30 acres. Strong Financial ability. (b) 3-6 acres within 15 miles or so for horse boarding operation. Need to store car collection – would like any house (small/old ok), ag buildings, zoned ag, flat/gentle slop with trees/privacy. Up to $450,000.
Contact Info: Roslynn Schaefer 760.994.6800,  roslynschaefer@yahoo.com


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