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He Served as Honorary Mayor of Fallbrook

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You may know NSDCAR REALTOR® Leo Romero as a member of the NSDCAR Local Government Relations (LGR) Committee representing Fallbrook. The LGR Committee focuses on how public policies can affect the local real estate industry. LGR members also are involved in political advocacy and candidate endorsements. “It has been a real eye-opener to serve on this committee for the past six years,” said Leo. “We serve an important role because we identify REALTOR®-friendly candidates for upcoming elections.” Leo also was recently appointed as chairman of NSDCAR’s Fallbrook District Council Committee. But did you know that Leo is a sculptor? A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, Leo has worked full-time as an artist for companies in Southern California and made a living running his own studio. His works of art, including small animals made of ceramics and angels made from hydrostone, have been showcased at art shows and county fairs. His creations have brought pleasure and delight to countless numbers of people. Leo met his wife Barbara at the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa when he was exhibiting his ceramics pieces. They have been married since 1994. Barbara also is a REALTOR®. “I got into real estate thinking I would have flex-time to spend on sculpting,” said Leo. “But real estate has been busier in recent years and I haven’t had much time for my artwork. I love sculpture art, whether it’s oil-based clay, ceramics, bronze, or metal, and I love how it brings enjoyment to my clients.” Leo, 59, has been a REALTOR® since 2009, specializing in North San Diego and Southern Riverside counties. “I’m an artist who works in real estate and loves the art of the sale and helping people make their dreams come true,” he said. A longtime resident of Fallbrook, Leo served as the honorary mayor of Fallbrook (2012-2013) after he collected the most donation funds for the Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce’s programs that benefit the community. “It meant I got to ride in the Fallbrook Christmas Parade a couple of times,” Leo said. Leo serves as a director and ambassador for the Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce and was named Fallbrook Chamber Ambassador of the Year (2015), and has also served on the Bonsall Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. He also volunteers for the California Sculpture Academy in Fallbrook and as a docent at the Fallbrook Art Center. He also was part of the Fallbrook Film Festival, which included sculpting the Frank Capra Award which honored the most uplifting film. “I’ve met a lot of wonderful people through these community organizations,” he said. “It’s important for REALTORS® to be involved in supporting their community and participating in community activities.” Leo also is proud to be an NSDCAR member. “It’s a great Association that helps all the members with training and maintaining high ethical standards,” he said. “They’re doing the right things for REALTORS®. Our Association is filled with very nice people.”

Make Plans Today to Earn a Risk Mitigation Specialist Certification

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At last week’s NSDCAR annual membership meeting, seven NSDCAR REALTOR® members were honored as the first-ever NSDCAR members to achieve the Risk Mitigation Specialist (RMS) certification. RMS certification is a new NSDCAR program that’s available for the first time for NSDCAR REALTOR® members. The seven REALTORS® who are the first NSDCAR members to achieve RMS certification included Michelle D’Aliesio, Eric Farrar, Kevin Murphy, Abra Rider, Tom Stamos, Joe Vayer and Rosemary Winn. These seven REALTOR® members were recognized for investing in their professionalism and completing advanced coursework in risk mitigation resulting in their RMS certification. They are among an elite group of their peers who have committed extra time and effort into providing the very best service for their clients. The seven REALTORS® were recently asked for their thoughts on earning the RMS certification and why it would be important for other NSDCAR members to also earn the RMS certification. “I feel it’s extremely important to educate yourself in all aspects of the real estate business, especially risk mitigation,” said Michelle D'Aliesio. “As a real estate agent, it’s our number one duty to protect our clients, ourselves and our broker. Being certified as a Risk Mitigation Specialist informs your clients that you have completed the necessary steps to protect them from litigation. Risk Mitigation Specialist classes provide you with a wealth of information on many aspects covering a variety of topics. I would highly recommend getting your Risk Mitigation Specialist certification to new agents, as well as, seasoned agents.” “When the Risk Mitigation Specialist program was announced, I knew this was an important certification to set myself apart as an expert in this area,” said Eric Farrar. “As an owner-manager, it gives our agents and clients confirmation that we are operating at the highest level in the industry.” “I am a new broker with a well-rounded education after 28 years as an appraiser,” said Kevin Murphy. “The Risk Mitigation Program was laser specific on the needs of a real estate agent. The panel of instructors was world class, and they really cared about preparing us. They live real estate and were generous with their stories and skills on how to reduce risk and protect ourselves, our clients and the public. I would strongly recommend all the classes and electives to every agent out there, whether new or well experienced. It gives you an edge!” “As a member of NSDCAR’s Professional Standards Committee I’ve seen firsthand the frustration that can be caused by innocent errors made during a transaction,” said Abra Rider. “I welcomed the opportunity to take this training series specifically related to risk mitigation, and encourage others to take advantage of the amazing educational opportunities offered by the Association. Risk mitigation certification is an excellent way to show your dedication to protecting your clients.” “I had been a Risk Management Specialist with another Association since about 2003 and was thrilled when NSDCAR created the Certified Risk Mitigation Specialist program,” said Tom Stamos. “It's so important to be up to date with the most important information and knowing how to navigate through the many serious risks to my license, the fiduciary duty to my clients, protecting my broker and my company, not to mention my family's income. Having this designation elevates my professionalism and puts me in better negotiation positions, which makes my services more valuable than agents without it. I highly recommend this certification to all agents with NSDCAR.” “This series of thought-provoking RMS classes is well delivered by professional in each subject,” said Joe Vayer. “They are well suited for both new and seasoned agents. Applying what is taught in these classes will help anyone with the goal of becoming a better real estate professional. This is one reason that I chose to take the Certified Risk Management Specialist courses.” “The risk management certification is important for all realtors to always be renewing their awareness and knowledge regarding their real estate transactions, not only for themselves but their clients and their brokers as well,” said Rosemary Winn. With litigation rates on the rise, the RMS certification can minimize your risk in a risky business. So, if you are ready to take your education to the next level, if you want to gain a competitive edge over your competition, if you want the tools to identify red flags and reduce your exposure to risk and litigation, if you want to stay on top of industry changes and provide your clients with the utmost protection during transactions, if you want to elevate your professionalism, if you want to gain a competitive edge from other REALTORS®, then the RMS certification is for you. To achieve the RMS certification, you must be an NSDCAR member in good standing, submit an application, pay a one-time certification fee of $99 and complete seven courses, including the California Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA), Guide to Residential Disclosures, Transactions A-Z, Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), Safety Awareness, Property Management and Legal Update. These courses prepare REALTORS® to avoid various legal pitfalls in real estate transactions. The Coursework covers such topics as MLS rules and regulations, protecting your client, management and supervision, E&O insurance, broker liability, red flags and inspections. Benefits you will receive with an RMS certification: Free admission on select NSDCAR courses; 20 percent savings on individual required certificate courses; Discount on C.A.R. RealCare Errors and Omission insurance; VIP registration and seating at select NSDCAR events; Re-take required or elective certificate courses at no charge; Recognition at annual luncheon. For more information on the RMS certification, visit www.nsdcar.com/rms/. Click here to watch a 2:33 video with Tom Stamos, www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMFFgSYNOiw.

Do You Like To Have Fun And Be Informed? Then YPN Is For You!

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Elyse Dittrich Nancarrow Realty Spring 2017 C.A.R. BOD Meetings in Sacramento Young Professionals Network (YPN) By C.A.R. Director Elyse Dittrich Do you like to have fun and be informed? Then YPN is for you! Key Take Aways: • YPN stands for Young Professional Network • Get involved at our local NSDCAR YPN • Learn how to give and get referrals through YPN • August is the Month of Giving • #KeepCalmAndYPN YPN, or Young Professionals Network, is part of a national group of young, career-minded real estate professionals who want to stay abreast of the latest tools, resources, and networking opportunities. We work together to educate each other on the real estate industry and to move into leadership within CAR. YPN may have the word “young” in it, but we don’t discriminate! We encourage all ages to join in at our events at a local, state and national level. Let’s bridge the gap between ages and share information to becoming more successful. In Sacramento we hosted a workshop called “How to YPN” which was received quite well! We have been able to get new networks up and running at different local associations, as well as getting other networks back on their feet. In Sacramento we also hosted a Mega Mixer where 7 local association joined forces with CAR YPN to create one big night of networking! It’s events like these where you can connect with other people in the industry from all over the state. These are great for creating relationships for referrals! Interested in getting involved with NSDCAR’s YPN? Check out our FB page here: www.facebook.com/NSDCARYPN Interested in sharing information and referrals throughout the state of CA? Join our FB page: www.facebook.com/groups/carypn Interested in sharing information and referrals throughout the Nation? Join our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/narypn/ Don’t forget to check in for August and see how you can join us in our annual Month of Giving! We encourage local YPNs to give back to their communities! Contact NSDCAR for more information on becoming an active member of our YPN group.

Would You Like To Know How Much A Bond Issue On The Ballot Is Going To Raise The Average Property Tax Before You Vote On It?

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Sandi Adelson Homeland Properties Spring 2017 C.A.R. BOD Meetings in Sacramento Taxation and Government Finance By C.A.R. Director Sandi Adelson Would you like to know how much a bond issue on the ballot is going to raise the average property tax before you vote on it? C.A.R. is supporting a bill that would do just that. AB 1194 would require the ballot itself contain the estimate so that when you and your clients are voting on the bond the estimated average cost of that initiative is right in front of you so you can make a more informed decision. Would you like to show your clients how to reduce their property taxes even if values are increasing? Did you know that currently some property owners may qualify for property tax exemptions... disabled vets and their surviving spouses, seniors, etc. and are taking them? The problem is that it’s not something that the tax assessors and collectors highlight. As a matter of fact, it can be next to impossible to find out if your parcel qualifies for one (1) or more of these exemptions. C.A.R. has voted to “SPONSOR” a bill that would require tax collectors provide information on their websites regarding available exemptions AND that the tax bill contain the address of the website. (By the way, you can currently try to get this information, but it takes time and patience and there are no guarantees that you will ever contact the right department or person.) What if your property tax base could be transferred to your new property regardless of your age, the location of the new home, the price of the new home vs the selling price of your existing home, or whether you’ve done it before? C.A.R. has had a work group looking at the potential changes that could be made to expand Props 60 and 90. Currently you have to be over 55, you can only transfer once, the new home must be equal to or less than the selling price of your existing home (with adjustments for time), and the new home must be in San Diego County or one (1) of the other eleven (11) counties that have opted into Prop 90’s intercounty transfer ability. Florida has a tax model that allows “free” property tax base transfer with some qualifications, such as for primary residences only. It was approved that C.A.R. forward to the Secretary of State three (3) potential proposals for preparation of title and summary... the first step to a ballot initiative on a constitutional amendment.

C.A.R. Opposing Bill that Would Eliminate Mortgage Interest Deduction on Second Homes

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ACT TODAY! VOTE COULD BE THURSDAY! C.A.R. is OPPOSING UNLESS AMENDED AB 71 (Chiu) a bill that would eliminate the mortgage interest deduction for second homes to fund an increase in low-income housing tax credits. While C.A.R. supports increasing the amount of tax credits available for low-income housing, the association is opposed to doing so at the expense of the mortgage interest deduction for second homes. AB 71 will be voted on by the entire Assembly as soon as tommorrow Thursday, June 1st. Action Item Please Help Spread the Word About AB 71 on Social Media: 1. Legislators pay attention to Twitter™. If you use it, please Tweet any of the following: Promises are meant to be kept. Save the MID. #NoAB71 #CALeg CA families are depending on #REALTORS to protect homeownership. #CALeg #NoAB71 2. Share this graphic and link on Facebook. Families trust the mortgage interest deduction when making decisions about homeownership. Unfortunately, the California Legislature has other ideas. AB 71 eliminates the mortgage interest deduction on second homes. REALTORS®, please help spread the word. http://www.car.org/difference/getinvolved/RedAlertab71/a Background and Talking Points While C.A.R. supports increasing the amount of tax credits available for low-income housing, we are opposed to doing so at the expense of the mortgage interest deduction for second homes AB 71 (Chiu) would eliminate the mortgage interest deduction (MID) for second homes to fund an increase in low-income housing tax credits. If the MID were eliminated for second homes, 2,152 home sales would be lost in the first year after implementation. The potential impact of the MID elimination is an economic loss of $180.2 million to the state of California in the year following the implementation. C.A.R. opposes changing the mortgage interest deduction because: The state shouldn’t change the rules after the fact. People made significant financial decisions, trusting that the mortgage interest deduction would be there to make the property affordable. The MID is already capped. The amount of the mortgage interest deduction is already capped regardless of whether the taxpayer has one home or two homes. It's not right for government to dictate to homeowners how they can allocate their housing dollars! Second homes are not necessarily “vacation homes.” Someone faced with a one-way commute of an hour or more may choose to purchase a small condo near where they work in which to live during the workweek. Local economies and communities will suffer. The economic health of the recreational areas of the state will be harmed by elimination of the mortgage interest deduction on second homes. Homeowners in those areas of the state are going to be hard pressed to find a buyer if the mortgage interest deduction on second homes is eliminated. Using the MID as a piggybank sets a dangerous precedent.

REALTORS Win With New CRMLS Data Share

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San Diego County Agents Finally Get Improved Data Through a New Data-Share Between CRMLS and Sandicor NSDCAR’s leadership team is excited to announce that after years of advocating on our member’s behalf, the NEW data-share between Sandicor and CRMLS went into effect today. Although this is only the first step, it was critical in our effort to help agents gain access to more robust MLS tools in San Diego County. This has not been easy following lawsuits and much disagreement with SDAR, but it is what our members wanted, and we are pleased with the results. We will continue to champion our member’s agenda and work towards gaining access to new tools and services provided by CRMLS. San Diego County agents will finally get improved data through a new data-share between CRMLS and Sandicor. • Better data for client searches • Better listing information for CMAs • Cost savings to those who currently subscribe to more than one MLS. Starting today, Tuesday, May 23rd, Sandicor subscribers will be able to search for CRMLS (California Regional Multiple Listing Service) residential listings within Sandicor's Paragon MLS system and CRMLS members will be able to search for Sandicor residential listings within their Matrix MLS system. Sandicor subscribers will also be able to set up residential Paragon searches for clients in the areas served by CRMLS. While the lawsuit works its way through the courts, NSDCAR representatives are proud to have been a driving force behind this data-share agreement. REALTORS® will benefit from the tough decisions made by leaders from NSDCAR. The data-share is the right thing to do for REALTORS®, and it is the first step towards becoming a part of a larger effort for REALTORS® and Brokers to control their data, how it is used and how it is shared. A link to the charges can be found here on page 26 section 99. The movement to join a Statewide MLS that is member driven, NSDCAR is listening to REALTORS® from all over San Diego county and responding to a need. Agents are having to compete with consumer facing websites that provide more comprehensive data than their own web portals. We are working to change that so our members remain the authority in their industry. It is our goal to ensure our Brokers control their own data, and that it is protected and used correctly.  

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