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Property Panorama To See Upgrade Soon

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Property Panorama To See Upgrade Soon

In less than 2 weeks on August  28th, 2017, NSDCAR's member's tours will be utilizing the new and upgraded InstaView 3.0 from Property Panorama.The image below shows the differences between InstaView v2.0 (existing viewer) and the all new InstaView v3.0.
  The following short video shows the differences between InstaView v2.0 and v3.0: http://www.PropertyPanorama.com/InstaView-3-Unbranded-Launch     Property Panorama will be hosting three separate webinars on September 12th, 13th, and 15th for the agents to familiarize themselves with the new product. Listed below are the registration links for these sessions.The registration links are also included in the attached PDF, and will be included once more in the Monthly Wrap up (statistics email) on September 1st.   InstaView Webinar Registration Links: Tuesday, September 12th @ 10:30 am EST    Wednesday, September 13th @ 3:00 pm EST Friday, September 15th @ 2:00 pm EST   For more information about InstaView 3.0, Structured Data, and Property Panorama, visit Page: www.PropertyPanorama.com/Media/

Give him a microphone and a crowd — you will be entertained.

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  You may know NSDCAR REALTOR® member Bill Ims as 2017 chair of the Central Coast District Council representing Carlsbad. He also serves as emcee of the every-Wednesday morning NSDCAR marketing session for Carlsbad and Encinitas, as well as other NSDCAR events, including charity auctions. He also moderates political debates for various North County elections. Bill considers himself a founding member of NSDCAR since he was on the board of directors of the San Dieguito Association of REALTORS® prior to the 1994 formation of NSDCAR. He also is a recipient of NSDCAR REALTOR® of Excellence awards in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013. But, did you know that Bill will perform the role of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) in “Annie” for two weekends this December? The Star Theatre Company, a North County community theater company, will present the popular Broadway musical about a young orphan girl's adventures in finding a family at The Historic Star Theatre, 402 North Coast Highway in Oceanside. “We’ll have a cast of about 100 people and rehearsals will start right after Thanksgiving,” said Bill. “It’s a fun role to play FDR. I love singing and entertaining. I’ve been appearing in at least one play a year.” But, did you also know that Bill, in 1965, when given the choice by the U.S. Air Force, selected to be stationed in the Mojave Desert? “I grew up in Baldwin, New York, in Nassau County, and we always dreamed of living in California,” Bill said. “I was given the choice of the Philippines, Minot in North Dakota, Oxnard in California or an FAA radar site in Boron. I selected Boron because it was the closest to Los Angeles, a reasonable goal for the time.” Boron had a population of 2,253, according to the 2010 Census. “That’s just about the same number of people who lived there in 1965, it hasn’t grown very much,” said Bill. During Bill’s four years in the Air Force, in addition to his military duties, Bill played guitar and performed with two other airmen in a contemporary folk trio called “The Villagers.” “We traveled throughout the U.S. and sang a lot of songs from The Kingston Trio and Peter, Paul and Mary, songs like `This Train,’ `Leaving on a Jet Plane’ and `Tijuana Jail.’ It was during the Vietnam War, so, no, we didn’t do any war protest songs.” When Bill completed his tour with the Air Force in 1968, he moved to San Diego to attend San Diego State College and earn a bachelor’s degree in history. He worked during college selling new cars for Lukens Pontiac in La Mesa. He used his sales commissions to buy his first home in Lemon Grove and a vacant lot on Mount Helix, which he sold a short time later at a small profit. “One day I realized that I was generating a lot of income for my real estate agent,” said Bill. “So, I said to myself, `If one customer can produce that many sales for one agent, then the real estate business is for me!’” In 1971, he earned his real estate license, Bill said, thanks to an outstanding instructor. “I was so impressed with the instructor, that I knew someday I would like to have his job.  Two-and-a-half years later, I was teaching at Anthony Schools, the largest real estate school in the state. Eventually, I was promoted to senior vice president for Anthony’s and remained there for 12 years. Prior to Anthony’s Bill spent a few years as a sales agent with Lyle Morton REALTORS® in the East County (Morton served as 1971 president for the East San Diego County Association of REALTORS®, prior to the 2012 merger with the Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS®; Morton passed away July 13, 2015, after losing his battle with cancer, he was 84). Bill’s favorite Lyle Morton story goes like this: “One time, Lyle went on vacation for a week and he asked me to collect rent from his tenants while he was away. At the time, entry-level homes were selling for $20,000. When I talked to his renters, I asked them why they were still paying rent to my broker when they could be homeowners for nearly the same amount of money they were paying in rent? When Lyle returned from vacation, he called me into his office and he said all his tenants had given notice and asked me if I knew anything about it. I just shrugged my shoulders and muttered something like, `Strange timing, and, by the way, I opened seven new escrows while you were gone.’” While teaching at Anthony’s, Bill earned his master’s degree in business administration from National University. At his graduation ceremonies in 1976, Bill delivered the commencement address. In 1984, Bill joined the firm of Grubb & Ellis, managing the offices in Solana Beach, Del Mar and Rancho Santa Fe. Then, from 1989 to 1994, Bill worked for a real estate training company, traveling around the country, delivering motivational speeches and sales seminars. “My schedule consisted of visiting up to three cities a week for two or three weeks a month, but I loved it,” he said. “I had the most fun when it was time to demonstrate cold calls to strangers. Using a speaker phone in front of a crowd of 200 or 300 people, I would call the local bank, a government office and even the IRS and demonstrate how the least-qualified people are often assigned to answer the phone. You’d be surprised how many sales people can learn from the mistakes of others. In the mid-1990s, Bill spent 18 months fighting a frivolous lawsuit in “pro se.” “I chose to represent myself without an attorney because of my concern that few attorneys would be enthusiastic about court actions relating to their own profession,” Bill said. He won the case and was awarded damages from the plaintiff attorneys. Afterwards, he helped found the San Diego County Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CALA), a nonprofit that fights back against lawsuit abuse and promotes fairness to our legal system. Today, CALA (www.sickoflawsuits.org), with more than 200,000 supporters, is active in nearly every state. Bill has his wife Lillian have been married for 33 years. They have four adult children, three daughters and a son. “We have a wonderful marriage,” Bill said. “Every day is a celebration!” Bill has volunteered at several Casas Hogares homes for abused and abandoned girls in Tijuana, Acapulco and Ciudad Juarez. On several occasions, Bill has been selected by one of the girls as her “padrino” (sponsor or godfather in Spanish) at her Quinceañera, a party celebrating a young girl’s coming of age. “It’s very humbling and very special to serve in such a special role,” Bill said. Bill has been involved with NSDCAR since its inception and he likes what he sees today. “I’m noticing a new invigoration, a new excitement from the members,” he said. “A career in real estate has never been easy, but the support and resources available today from the Association is playing a crucial role in helping our members be more successful than ever.”

Pending home sales continue downward trend.

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  Despite robust closed escrow sales in June, the California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) is reporting an impending slowdown in the state’s housing market due to shrinking housing inventory and suppressed housing affordability. C.A.R. said the state’s pending home sales is continuing a downward trend. Based on signed contracts, year-over-year statewide pending home sales fell for the sixth straight month in June on a seasonally adjusted basis. From C.A.R.’s 2nd quarter housing affordability report, released Aug. 9, only 29 percent of California households could afford to purchase the $553,260 median-priced home, down from 32 percent in first-quarter 2017 and down from 31 percent in second-quarter 2016. In addition, a minimum annual income of $110,890 was needed to make monthly payments of $2,770, including principal, interest, and taxes on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage at a 4.09 percent interest rate. In San Diego County, C.A.R. said it would require a minimum qualifying annual income of $121,260 to afford a single-family home at the median price of $605,000. C.A.R. said just 26 percent of San Diego families are able to purchase the median-priced home. The monthly payment for the median-priced home, including taxes and insurance, would be $3,030.  The overall median home price for all homes, including single-family, condos and townhomes, was $543,000 in June, said real estate tracker CoreLogic. Also, C.A.R. said 38 percent of homebuyers statewide are able to purchase a $443,400 median-priced condo or townhome. An annual income of $88,870 would be required to make a monthly payment of $2,220. Meanwhile, according to C.A.R.’s latest Market Pulse Survey, REALTORS® reported fewer floor calls and listing appointments in June but higher open house traffic than in May. Other findings from C.A.R. included: -- More properties are selling over asking price from a year ago, said C.A.R. In an online survey to more than 10,000 California REALTORS® to measure data about their last closed transaction, 39 percent of respondents said in June 2017 their last closed transaction sold over the asking price, compared to 35 percent in June 2016. In a year-over-year comparison of June 2017 and June 2016, 25 percent said their last closed transaction sold “at” the asking price and 36 percent “below” the asking price, compared to 28 percent (“at”) and 37 percent (“below”) for June 2016. -- For homes that sold above asking price, the premium paid over asking price fell from 11 percent in June 2016 to 7 percent in 2017, the lowest since February 2014. -- When C.A.R. asked REALTORS® about the number of offers received for their last closed transaction, 74 percent said they received multiple offers in July 2017, compared to 72 percent in July 2016. -- When C.A.R. asked REALTORS® about their top concerns, 38 percent responded with “a lack of available inventory.” Declining housing affordability-high interest rates concerned 29 percent of REALTORS®, while inflated home prices/housing bubble was cited by 23 percent of REALTORS®. A slowdown in economic growth, lending and financing, and policy and regulations rounded out REALTORS®’ remaining biggest concerns. “A lack of available homes for sale continues to be the largest single factor influencing California’s housing market,” said C.A.R. President Geoff McIntosh. “With active listings 13.5 percent lower than last June, we’ve now experienced a full two years in which active listings have fallen on a year-over-year basis and the lowest inventory level this year. Would-be sellers aren’t listing their homes as many of them would also face an inventory challenge if they were to turn around and buy another property.” “While June home sales improved at a healthy pace, the growth in sales was primarily in the mid- to higher-end price ranges. In fact, sales in the lower price ranges were down significantly as a tight supply of affordable homes continues to plague the market and impede the sales of starter homes,” C.A.R. Senior Vice President and Chief Economist Leslie Appleton-Young. “This factor has disproportionately pushed prices higher at the lower end of the market, leading to eroding affordability that either prevents or delays first-time buyers from getting on the housing ladder.”

New Advertising Standards provided by C.A.R.

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This may affect you! AB 1650 (Sponsored by C.A.R.) Makes significant changes to the State’s Business and Professions Code. It expands what must be included in real estate-related advertising materials and creates uniform advertising standards across a variety of media and types.   Click Here for PDF outline of the new rules   Click Here for C.A.R.'s web page dedicated to the change 

How to teach teenagers about business? Buy’em a yogurt shop!

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You may know NSDCAR REALTOR® member Leah Reynolds who has served as chair of the NSDCAR Oceanside District Council since 2015. Leah’s leadership with the Oceanside District Council motivated several dozen NSDCAR members to participate in a clean-up day at the Boys and Girls Club in San Marcos held in April. The NSDCAR volunteers used about 10 gallons of paint and repainted several interior rooms, including the Community Room, Computer Room and Game Room, as well as an exterior wall near the playground. “It’s important for REALTORS® to lead by example and demonstrate hands-on community involvement with a boots-on-the-ground volunteerism approach,” said Leah. Encore clean-up days are planned for Boys and Girls Club clubhouses in Oceanside and Vista this fall. “One of the NSDCAR board members, Kimberly Fell, contacted me about serving on the District Council,” said Leah. “She encouraged me to get involved with the District Council for Oceanside, which is where we lived for several years before we moved to Bonsall four years ago. It’s been a great experience and very enjoyable.” But did you know that Leah and her husband James bought a frozen yogurt shop in Bonsall so that their teenage kids could learn about how to be successful in business? It was February 2016 after the previous owners closed the doors on the yogurt shop at 5256 South Mission Road. “Our family frequented the shop when it was opened, it was a fun place for the locals to grab a sweet treat and kids from the dance studio to hang out,” said Leah. “My husband and I talked about it and we thought it would be good for the community if someone kept the place open. So, we decided that someone would be us.” “We reopened the shop March 2016 and renamed it Brain Freeze Froyo Bar. Then, we handed-over the operation of the store to our two oldest children, daughter Bailey (age 19) and son James (age 17). Hey, what better way to provide an education in life skills and critical thinking, plus teach the importance of ethics in business and customer service and relationships, than a hands-on experience like this. The experience for our kids has been priceless.” The Brain Freeze Froyo Bar is open from noon to 9 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays and from noon to 7 p.m. on Sundays.  “We still do Sunday dinner together before going off to work, whether it’s selling real estate or serving strawberry shortcake froyo topped with sprinkles.” Leah and husband James also are raising a third child, Charlie, age 10. This past Christmas, Charlie received a very special Christmas present, a car. “Charlie says he wants to grow up to be a mechanic, so we found a 1963 Chevrolet Biscayne that Charlie can work on to his heart’s delight. Don’t you think it would be better for a 10-year-old to work on a car instead of playing video games?” A San Diego native, Leah graduated from Torrey Pines High School in Del Mar (class of 1995). “My father was a broker so I grew up with real estate, licking envelopes and putting flyers on front porches,” said Leah, 40. “I knew eventually that I would work in real estate, it’s in my blood.” After high school, Leah earned a degree in merchandise marketing from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles.  “I lived at home throughout college and rode the train to L.A. to attend classes,” she said. “I started working in retail at age 15.” Leah worked at Nordstrom and Ann Taylor before spending 14 years managing the Sweetpea Children’s Shop in Del Mar. “I got my real estate license 14 years ago and I’ve been a full-time agent the past seven years.” Leah and her family live on 2.5 acres with an avocado grove. “We recently planted Montepulciano grapes,” she said. Those are grapes used to make Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, a red Italian wine from the Abruzzo region of east-central Italy. “We’re also big believers in the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts,” Leah said. Son James spent five weeks this summer working as a counselor at the Boy Scout camp, Emerald Bay on Catalina Island. James is currently working on his Eagle project with a goal to earn Eagle in December. “Meeting new people and building lifelong relationships is the driving force of my business,” said Leah. “One of the reasons why I love real estate so much is because I’m helping families reach their goal of home ownership. It’s a very rewarding profession.” Leah said she appreciates NSDCAR because of the spirit of teamwork. “I love our Association because it’s where REALTORS® come together as one big team and we work together to build our local communities for the benefit of everyone. Plus, the staff is so personable and ready to answer any question they offer a strong support system. It feels good to be involved with NSDCAR, just like the taste of a large cup with cookies and cream, red velvet and peanut butter, all mixed together.” Yummy.

Carlsbad Begins Enforcement Of Sign Regulations

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NSDCAR has been working closely with REALTORS®, active in Carlsbad, to address the enforcement of sign regulations in the city. So far, we have been unable to reach agreement on regulations that would allow for the placement of open house signs on public property during open house hours. In addition, there appears to be continued abuse, by a few members of the real estate industry, of the number of open house signs being placed; the hours they are on display; the fact that many signs are not related to an actual open house; and the fact that signs are illegally placed in public right-of-way. This has resulted in an increase in citizen complaints and as a result, effective April 17, the City of Carlsbad began an enforcement campaign based on “the letter of the law”. This means if your signs are placed in the public right-of-way; there are excessive numbers, or they are not directly associated with an open house, they will be removed. Continued violation could result in citations or legal action. Currently, the city is warning violators after the first violation, but then imposing a $100 fine for continued violations. We urge you to understand and follow the city sign regulations to avoid these actions. Unfortunately, the action by the City of Carlsbad is the result of continued abuse of city sign regulations. Please spread the word with your agents about complying with local sign regulations. NSDCAR and the Carlsbad REALTOR® working group will continue to address this issue. Please see the attached flyer that clearly explains where signs can be placed. Click Here to See Positioning Flyer

She is a strong advocate for Hippotherapy.

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You may know NSDCAR REALTOR® member Marilee Lowe as a recent REALTOR® Award of Excellence recipient. She was honored for her longtime support of several community organizations in Fallbrook, her home for the past 33 years. Over the decades, Marilee has been involved with organizations that have helped disabled children and seniors. “It’s important for NSDCAR members to be involved in their communities,” Marilee said. But did you know that Marilee is a strong advocate in hippotherapy for children? Hippotherapy is horseback riding for handicapped children with various disabling neuromusculoskeletal medical conditions, including cerebral palsy, autism, spinal cord and brain injuries, Down syndrome, multiple sclerosis and other sensory integration dysfunctions. Hippotherapy literally means “treatment with the help of the horse” from the Greek word, “hippos” meaning horse. As a physical, occupational or speech and language therapy treatment strategy, hippotherapy can result in improved coordination, balance, muscle tone, body strength, sensory integration and self esteem. “The physical, mental, and emotional benefits of therapeutic horsemanship are many,” said Marilee. “The rhythmic motion and warmth of the horse stimulates and exercises the rider’s muscles increasing mobility. The riders can experience weight shift and trunk mobility as if they were walking on their own.” In 1985, Marilee became involved in REINS (Riding Emphasizing Individual Needs and Strengths), a non-profit therapeutic riding program based in Fallbrook. She served on the board from 1985 to 1989. When the program was close to closing in 1989, Marilee took it over and served as its volunteer administrator until 1995. “I moved the program here to Fallbrook, where it was wholeheartedly embraced by our community,” said Marilee, who is currently involved in REINS only as a donor. “I’ll never forget Jonathan who was a student at REINS,” said Marilee. “He was nearly three years old and had never said a word. He was autistic and uncommunicative. One day, he was riding on our bay mare named Heather and I was one of the side walkers. One of the commands for the horses are the words `walk-on.’ When one of us said, `Walk on Heather,’ Jonathan spoke up and repeated the words. It was perhaps the first words he had ever said in his life. It was a very emotional moment for all of us, especially his parents. When those things happen, you know that you’re making a difference and giving an opportunity for kids to blossom.” Marilee’s community involvement also has included serving on the board of directors for the Foundation for Senior Care, operators of a senior and adult day care center in Fallbrook. “I believe all members of our community deserve to be taken care of and honored and protected as needed,” said Marilee “This includes those who are advanced in years or disabled with some form of memory loss or dementia. These folks are looked after at the senior day care center. The Foundation also operates Care Vans which provide door-to-door transportation to seniors in need. Rides are provided to the day care center or grocery store or pharmacy or medical appointments. ” Marilee also is involved with two equestrian groups, the Fallbrook Riders Inc., and Vista Palomar Riders (VPR), two of the oldest horse clubs in California. She has served on the board of directors for both groups and currently serves as VP for the Fallbrook Riders. For VPR, Marilee recently organized a five-day ride and campout for about 50 members. The event was held at the Los Vaqueros Group Horse Camp at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. She is hosting a similar event for the Fallbrook Riders at the same Cuyamaca park site in late August. “There are miles and miles of beautiful riding trials around Lake Cuyamaca and the Cuyamaca Mountains,” said Marilee. “It’s a wonderful get-away time. As you can tell, I love horses and working in real estate with equestrian properties. I fell in love with Trigger (Roy Rogers’ horse). My first horse was a Christmas present at age 7. Her name was Chopper.” Marilee appreciates the convenience of the NSDCAR office in Fallbrook. “I love my North County board because the office is local,” she said. “They are a wonderful resource. The staff always knows the answers to my questions, and they’re very helpful. I can stop by for a visit without traveling to the big city of Vista.”

She stopped traffic on Interstate 5 to save ducks!

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Elyse also chaired the NSDCAR’s YPN (Young Professionals Network) group for two years (2014-2016). Since 2015, she has served as a California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) Director on behalf of NSDCAR. “Getting involved on a state level has been very rewarding,” said Elyse. “It takes time away from your business and home life but its all worth it. The education, the connections you make with fellow real estate industry professionals and the overall sense that you're making a difference.” But did you know that Elyse once ran in front of cars and stopped traffic at Interstate 5 and Manchester Avenue to protect a family of ducks? “Animals are my passion, and I've felt that way since as long as I can remember,” said Elyse. “A couple of years ago, I was all dressed-up and on my way to a dinner riding in a friend’s car when I saw a mother duck and her ducklings walking across the freeway. I yelled at my friend to stop the car. I ran in front of cars and stopped traffic while I guided the ducks back to San Elijo Lagoon.” Elyse, 28, is an active volunteer with several community organizations. “It’s really important for REALTORS® to give back in the communities where we work,” she said. She has volunteered with the Spay and Neuter Action Project (SNAP), a purpose-driven, 501(c)(3) charitable organization offer low-cost spay and neuter services in San Diego. She also has been involved with SNAP's Neuter Scooter Bus, a full-service mobile clinic staffed by accredited veterinarians who specialize in spaying and neutering cats and dogs. Elyse also has volunteered for the Feral Cat Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering and overpopulation of feral and abandoned cats through a trap-neuter-return (TNR) process. “We trap, neuter and then return feral cats to their outdoor homes where they are monitored by caretakers,” said Elyse. Elyse also has volunteered for the Community Resource Center (CRC), a nonprofit organization that works to end hunger, homelessness and domestic violence in North County San Diego. CRC’s programs include a domestic violence emergency shelter, hotline and prevention-education outreach, a therapeutic children’s center, professional counseling, legal advocacy, food and nutrition distribution center, homelessness prevention and rental and housing assistance. “All of CRC’s programs are designed to assist participants to successfully navigate their paths of safety, stability and self-sufficiency,” said Elyse. “I’ve been helping CRC since I was a freshman in high school. I help at their Encinitas facility in the Food Distribution Center, which is similar to a mini-grocery store.” An Encinitas native, Elyse graduated from La Costa High School (class of 2007). She then graduated from San Diego State University in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and media studies. While in college, she worked as a nanny for a North County family. After college, Elyse said she took several month-long trips throughout Europe and Asia. Among her favorite spots: Venice in Italy, Mykonos in Greece and Thailand. “I love to travel, especially traveling solo, which was new for me this year,” said Elyse. By herself, in January of this year, she visited eight countries, including Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, France and Ireland. “You learn a lot about yourself when you travel,” Elyse said. “I’ve always lived in the North County, but it’s fun to travel and see the rest of the world.” In May 2011, Elyse had a life-changing dinner with Susie Nancarrow, who operates a real estate company where Elyse works. “I’ve known Susie my entire life,” said Elyse. “My mom used to take Susie's exercise classes at Frog’s in Encinitas and me and her three kids were in daycare there. Susie invited me to dinner. I had just, graduated from college and I was unsure about what I was going to do in life. At her house, I kept asking Susie a bunch of questions about real estate. Finally, she said, `Why don’t you use your marketing degree, work for me in my office and earn your real estate sales license?’ Right then, I decided on a career in real estate. The next day I signed up for the classes and ordered the books. Learning the business with Susie as my mentor has made all the difference in the world for my success.” Elyse earned her license in October 2012, and earned her broker's license in December 2016. Last September, Elyse, Susie and her 27-year-old daughter Hannah hiked Mt. Whitney, the highest summit in the lower 48 states. It took them 15 hours to climb the 22 miles to the 14,505-foot peak. This Labor Day, the trio plan to climb Half Dome, a granite dome at Yosemite National Park in California. Elyse’s other hobbies include yoga, tennis and playing the guitar. “I am honored to represent NSDCAR as a C.A.R. Director and be involved in the Association,” said Elyse. “NSDCAR is the best-ever Association. Our Association stands behind the members and offers outstanding educational classes so that our members can keep up with all the changes and still have jobs 10 and 15 years from now.”

North County Association of REALTORS(r) reports on North County housing market in June 2017

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The median sales price for a detached single-family home in North San Diego County remained at an even $700,000 in June, which was the same price as the previous month of May, according to a just-released Homedex Marketwatch Housing Report from the North San Diego County Association of REALTORS(r) (NSDCAR), a 4,500-member real estate trade group for San Diego-area REALTORS(r). However, June’s median sales price represented a 7.7 percent increase from June 2016, when the median sales price was $630,000, NSDCAR said. “There has been a general slowdown in sales,” said Michael Carunchio, 2017 NSDCAR President. “There is strong demand for home buying, emphasized by higher prices and multiple offers on homes for sale in many submarkets. As has been the case for several months, low inventory is the primary culprit for any sales malaise rather than lack of offers.” Additional findings from NSDCAR’s June 2017 report of residential real estate activity in North San Diego County include: -- The median sales price in June for an attached home was $446,500, an increase of $436,000 from May 2017, and a 10.2 percent increase from June 2016, when the median sales price was $410,000. -- The average number of days for a North County home on the market in June (between when a property is listed and an offer is accepted) was 29 days for attached home and 19 days for a detached home. In June 2016, the numbers were 34 and 22 days, respectively. -- The number of closed sales in June for detached homes was 1,121 and 422 for detached homes. Those numbers were lower compared to the same month in 2016 by 2.8 percent and 13.2 percent, respectively. “With job creation increasing and mortgage rates remaining low, the pull toward homeownership is expected to continue,” said Carunchio. The rate of new home construction has been drifting lower and some are beginning to worry that a more serious housing shortage could be in the cards if new construction and building permit applications continue to come in lower in year-over-year comparisons while demand remains high. NSDCAR’s full report for June is available here, http://nsdcar.stats.10kresearch.com/docs/mmi/x/report?src=page. San Diego North County neighborhoods covered in the NSDCAR report stretch northward from Carmel Valley along the coast, including Del Mar, Solana Beach, Cardiff, Encinitas, Rancho Santa Fe, Carlsbad and Oceanside, plus inland areas north of Rancho Bernardo, including Rancho Penasquitos, Poway, Escondido, Vista and San Marcos, as well as rural communities such as Ramona, Pauma Valley, Valley Center, Pala, Fallbrook and Bonsall. With service centers in Vista, Carmel Valley, Carlsbad, Escondido and Fallbrook, NSDCAR offers San Diego County REALTORS(r) access to the Sandicor MLS, along with educational training, advocacy and other services and resources. For more information on NSDCAR, visit www.NSDCAR.com.

Her airplane crash hasn’t stopped her from flying.

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  You may know NSDCAR REALTOR® member Jan Ryan as a member of NSDCAR’s board of directors as an at-large member. After joining the board in 2016, Jan was recently reelected for a second two-year term through 2019. The Ramona resident previously served on NSDCAR’s Grievance Committee before becoming an NSDCAR board member. She also has served as a director with the Ramona Real Estate Association. But did you know that Jan has gone skydiving nearly every chance she gets for the past three years? “It’s exciting, thrilling and lots of fun,” she said. “I have made about 160 jumps, most of the time at Skydive San Diego in Otay Mesa. The first time I packed my own parachute, it didn’t open, so I had to pull my reserve chute.” Last month, on her birthday, Jan and her daughter Tori jumped out of a hot-air balloon at about 7,500 feet (click here to see video, https://youtu.be/0F-kPtiE1x4). A few years back, Jan also took her mom skydiving on her 80th birthday. When she’s not serving real estate clients, skydiving is not Jan’s only recreational activity. Last summer, she learned scuba diving with her children (their favorite dive spot is Key Largo, Florida). Jan also flies airplanes. In 2003, she earned her private pilot’s license along with husband Jeff Gan and son Ryan Vernazza. Together, their flight plans have included trips from Ramona to a variety of locations, including the Grand Canyon, Sand Point in Idaho, Palm Springs, Sedona in Arizona and Loreto in Mexico, as well as Central and Northern California to visit Jan’s mom in Redding. In 2006, on a planned long-distance solo instrument flight from Ramona to Redding, Jan’s plane’s engine sputtered and coughed dark plumes of smoke at 7,000 feet, about 13 miles over the Pacific Ocean near Monterey. For the next several miles, the engine would run a bit, smoke and then flare back up. Oakland’s air traffic controllers gave Jan two options, either ditch the plane in the ocean or head towards Monterey 20 miles away. She chose Monterey. When she popped out of the clouds approaching the Monterey airport, facing a 22-knot crosswind, she was greeted by a number of emergency vehicles crowding the small runway. “I followed all my emergency training which saved my life,” said Jan. “After the landing, the plane was damaged by the oil spilling out of the exhaust. The mechanic later showed me the piston and it was destroyed. But, that incident didn’t stop me from flying. I still enjoy it immensely.” Jan began selling real estate in 1977, and earned her broker’s license in 1981. Jan and Jeff have lived in Ramona since 1988 and opened Ryan Gan Real Estate in 1990. In 1996, they bought a RE/MAX franchise, calling it RE/MAX Direct. Jan and Jeff recently celebrated their 25-year wedding anniversary. “I go by my maiden name, otherwise, my name would be Jan Gan,” said Jan. Their three adult children also work in the real estate industry, including daughter Kelly Coleman with a brokerage, son Ryan Vernazza with a bank’s lending division lending division and daughter Tori Gan with a mortgage company. Jan and Jeff have four grandchildren. Jan was a member of another large local REALTOR® Association for 25 years before joining NSDCAR. “The other Association is no longer member driven and I felt disenfranchised by them, so I switched to NSDCAR,” Jan said. “Our North County Association is so much better. We keep the members as our number one focus. The staff is amazing and their customer service is excellent.” Jan also attended NSDCAR’s recent “Conversations” event. She said it was impressive. Chris Voss, author and former FBI hostage negotiator was the keynote speaker. “I’ve gone to a lot of seminars and actually quit going because I never learned anything, but Conversations was different,” she said. “I loved the FBI negotiator speaker. I learned new negotiation techniques and strategies that I’m now using in my everyday business.”


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Eligible Voters: 5092 (Total ballots issued)

Quorum Requirement: 255 (5% set by Bylaws)

Total Ballots Cast: 935

Percent vote return: 18%

Invalid Ballots: 85 (opened, but not completed)

District Eligible Voters Quorum Requirement Ballots Cast % Voted
Bylaws Amendment 4935 247 913 19
Central Coast 1513 76 299 20
Inland 571 29 146 26
South Coast 1263 63 173 14
Tri Cities 702 35 155 22
Out of Area 657 33 94 14
AP/AFF 386 19 70 18
At Large 4706 235 865 18
TOTAL 5092 255 935 18

2018/2019 DIRECTORS Elected to terms expiring as indicated

Director, At Large:  Tasha Manzano (term begins 1/1/2018-12/31/2019)

Director, South Coast:  David Cabot (term begins 1/1/2018 -12/31/2019)

Director, South Coast:  Lily Zhou (term begins 1/1/2018- 12/31/2018)

Director, Central Coast:  Dana Whittaker (term begins 1/1/2018-12/31/2019)

Director, Tri Cities:  Jianni Bernard (term begins 1/1/2018-12/31/2019)

Director, Inland:   Carolyn D’Agosta (term begins 1/1/2018-12/31/2019)

Director, Out of Area:  Jan Ryan (term begins 1/1/2018-12/31/2019)

Director, Associated Professional:  Stan Stark (term begins 1/1/2018-12/31/2019)

2017 DIRECTORS Continuing in 2018

Director, Central Coast: Bill Richard (term  1/1/2016 – 12/31/2018)

Director, Tri Cities: Carol Farrar (term 1/1/2016-12/31/2018)

Director, Inland:  Kevin Williamson (term 1/1/2016-12/31/2018)

Director, At-Large: Raylene Brundage (term 1/1/16-12/31/2018)

Director AP, Stan Stark (term 1/1/2016-12/31/2017)

Immediate Past President: Mike Carunchio (term 1/1/2018-12/31/2018)

NAR DIRECTORS Continuing on Board with term expirations as indicated

Director, NAR Rep: Marie Jebavy (term expires 12/31/2018)

Director, NAR Rep: Bob Pahlke (term expires 12/31/2019)

* Discrepancy from total quorum due to rounding

Think of her when you hum the theme from “Hawaii Five-O.”

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Jami Besecker, Keller Williams Realty You may know NSDCAR REALTOR® member Jami Besecker as this year’s chair of NSDCAR’s Grievance Committee. The Grievance Committee receives ethics complaints and arbitration requests and determines whether a complaint, on its face, merits a formal hearing on the matter by a panel of the Professional Standards Committee. The purpose of the Grievance Committee is to provide a preliminary review and screening process. The committee is similar to a grand jury's function within the judicial system. Jami has served on the Grievance Committee since 1994. She also served for 10 years (1984-1994) on NSDCAR’s Professionals Standards Committee. The Professional Standards Committee hears complaints in matters of ethics and conduct mediation and arbitration hearings. But did you know that Jami is a member of an outrigger canoe club? “Just hum the theme to the Hawaii Five-O TV show and you’ll get the idea,” said Jami. For the past 15 years, Jami has been as an active member of the Kupa'a Mau Outrigger Canoe Club (KMOCC) located at Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton. The name Kupa'a Mau is the Hawai'ian translation of the U.S. Marine Corps motto Semper Fidelis, Latin for “Always Faithful.” Outrigger canoe paddling is the official state sport of Hawaii. “The paddling community always has a lot of fun,” said Jami. “We share a love of the ocean and an interest in experiencing the Polynesian culture and that aloha spirit. Our club is one of 28 clubs within the Southern California Outrigger Racing Association, which includes Southern California, Arizona and Nevada. Our teams regularly compete up and down the state and in Hawaii.” Jami also is a runner. She clocks between 15 and 20 miles weekly, running five mornings a week along the South Carlsbad State Beach campground. “It’s a beautiful beach, especially with the new stairways that leads to the beach,” she said. “The camp hosts and workers are my morning family.” Jami said she has competed in the Carlsbad Half Marathon for the past 13 consecutive Januarys and normally attends the annual Thanksgiving Day O’side Turkey Trot 10k. On Saturday morning, June 17, Jami plans to compete in the 4th annual San Diego County Fair 5k on a behind-the-scenes 3.1-mile course through the Del Mar Fairgrounds. “I like to run for exercise and it keeps me motivated, plus I like to eat,” Jami said. Jami grew up in Pennsylvania and is a diehard Pittsburgh Steelers NFL fan. She met her husband Ken while attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Indiana, Penn. “The next day after we were married (in April 1977), we headed west to live in San Diego as Ken got a job at NCR in Rancho Bernardo,” Jami said. “Ken built the system for the French to run their lottery system. We had planned to stay here for just a couple of years. Of course, that was 40 years ago.” Jami and Ken have two grown children, son Kyle who lives in Huntington Beach and works in computer technology (like his dad), and daughter Lindsey, who lives in Vista with her husband Greg and recently blessed the family with their first granddaughter, Avery Winnie Ball. “She’s the joy of Jami and Ken's life,” said Jami. Upon their arrival in California as newlyweds back in 1977, Jami was planning a career as an art teacher. “It was right before Proposition 13 passed. As a result, arts and music were among the first budget items to cut,” said Jami. (On June 6th, 1978, nearly two-thirds of California's voters passed Prop. 13, reducing property tax rates on homes, businesses and farms.) “My husband Ken saw a help-wanted ad in the newspaper for real estate. The ad read `Earn and Learn.’ So, I signed up and I’ve never looked back.” Jami earned her real estate license in 1978. She became a broker in 1982. “My broker number starts with zero-zero,” Jami said. “Yep, I’ve been around for a while.” She specializes in properties in Carlsbad, Leucadia, Encinitas, Oceanside, Vista , San Marcos, Escondido, Solana Beach and Carmel Valley. She has experience in 1031 exchanges, investment properties, VA, FHA, short sales and REOs. “I have seen the North County blossom to what it is today, the growth has been tremendous,” Jami said. “I have to say I am enjoying the business now more than ever,” said Jami. “After 40 years nonstop in the same career, I do not know not many people who can attest to that. I was blessed to find work where I can help clients achieve home ownership, create solid investments and sell the largest asset a family can have and having a great ride while doing so. I always advise anyone who will listen, `when you find a good realtor hang onto them, together you can have great long term journey.’” Jami is a stronger supporter of NSDCAR. “Our Association is in good hands because our members adhere to high standards of moral conduct and ethical conduct in real estate business practices. We stand for competency, fairness and high integrity. I’m proud to be a member.”

Do You Like To Have Fun And Be Informed? Then YPN Is For You!

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Elyse Dittrich Nancarrow Realty Spring 2017 C.A.R. BOD Meetings in Sacramento Young Professionals Network (YPN) By C.A.R. Director Elyse Dittrich Do you like to have fun and be informed? Then YPN is for you! Key Take Aways: • YPN stands for Young Professional Network • Get involved at our local NSDCAR YPN • Learn how to give and get referrals through YPN • August is the Month of Giving • #KeepCalmAndYPN YPN, or Young Professionals Network, is part of a national group of young, career-minded real estate professionals who want to stay abreast of the latest tools, resources, and networking opportunities. We work together to educate each other on the real estate industry and to move into leadership within CAR. YPN may have the word “young” in it, but we don’t discriminate! We encourage all ages to join in at our events at a local, state and national level. Let’s bridge the gap between ages and share information to becoming more successful. In Sacramento we hosted a workshop called “How to YPN” which was received quite well! We have been able to get new networks up and running at different local associations, as well as getting other networks back on their feet. In Sacramento we also hosted a Mega Mixer where 7 local association joined forces with CAR YPN to create one big night of networking! It’s events like these where you can connect with other people in the industry from all over the state. These are great for creating relationships for referrals! Interested in getting involved with NSDCAR’s YPN? Check out our FB page here: www.facebook.com/NSDCARYPN Interested in sharing information and referrals throughout the state of CA? Join our FB page: www.facebook.com/groups/carypn Interested in sharing information and referrals throughout the Nation? Join our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/narypn/ Don’t forget to check in for August and see how you can join us in our annual Month of Giving! We encourage local YPNs to give back to their communities! Contact NSDCAR for more information on becoming an active member of our YPN group.

Would You Like To Know How Much A Bond Issue On The Ballot Is Going To Raise The Average Property Tax Before You Vote On It?

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Sandi Adelson Homeland Properties Spring 2017 C.A.R. BOD Meetings in Sacramento Taxation and Government Finance By C.A.R. Director Sandi Adelson Would you like to know how much a bond issue on the ballot is going to raise the average property tax before you vote on it? C.A.R. is supporting a bill that would do just that. AB 1194 would require the ballot itself contain the estimate so that when you and your clients are voting on the bond the estimated average cost of that initiative is right in front of you so you can make a more informed decision. Would you like to show your clients how to reduce their property taxes even if values are increasing? Did you know that currently some property owners may qualify for property tax exemptions... disabled vets and their surviving spouses, seniors, etc. and are taking them? The problem is that it’s not something that the tax assessors and collectors highlight. As a matter of fact, it can be next to impossible to find out if your parcel qualifies for one (1) or more of these exemptions. C.A.R. has voted to “SPONSOR” a bill that would require tax collectors provide information on their websites regarding available exemptions AND that the tax bill contain the address of the website. (By the way, you can currently try to get this information, but it takes time and patience and there are no guarantees that you will ever contact the right department or person.) What if your property tax base could be transferred to your new property regardless of your age, the location of the new home, the price of the new home vs the selling price of your existing home, or whether you’ve done it before? C.A.R. has had a work group looking at the potential changes that could be made to expand Props 60 and 90. Currently you have to be over 55, you can only transfer once, the new home must be equal to or less than the selling price of your existing home (with adjustments for time), and the new home must be in San Diego County or one (1) of the other eleven (11) counties that have opted into Prop 90’s intercounty transfer ability. Florida has a tax model that allows “free” property tax base transfer with some qualifications, such as for primary residences only. It was approved that C.A.R. forward to the Secretary of State three (3) potential proposals for preparation of title and summary... the first step to a ballot initiative on a constitutional amendment.

Updates on home prices, rates, delinquencies, affordability

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The local real estate market remains strong in several areas according to reports from various industry sources. Home prices, including distressed sales, increased by 7.1 percent year-over-year in April, according to a CoreLogic report. The California-based property data and analytics company said the nation is seeing similar increases. Nationwide, prices increased by 6.9 percent from April 2016 to April 2017, Core Logic said. The CoreLogic Home Price Index Forecast indicates that home prices will increase by 5.1 percent on a year-over-year basis by April 2018. Also, according to CoreLogic, all-cash transactions are in decline in San Diego. All-cash sales share was 20.4 percent in January 2017, a 0.09 percentage point decrease from January 2016. The nation’s 36.5 percent all-cash figure for January was unchanged from the comparable month in 2016. Statewide, California had an average of 27 percent of its home sales were all-cash transactions in January. Fortunately, loan delinquency rates continue to decline in San Diego County. Core Logic reports that 2.6 percent of residential mortgages were at least 30 days delinquent in February, compared with 3 percent a year ago. The percentage of residential mortgages delinquent 90 days or more amounted to an even 1 percent, a drop from 1.3 percent in February 2016. In California, 3.1 percent of residential mortgages were at least 30 days delinquent and 1.1 percent were 90 days or more past due. In good news for potential buyers, mortgage rates have inched back down to nearly 4 percent. In mid-April, the average rate dropped to 4.04 percent, said Mortgage News Daily. The average for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage was 3.59 percent on Nov. 7. It started to climb after the general election, hitting 4.32 percent on Dec. 29. In costly markets, like Southern California, small rate changes can mean saving thousands of dollars over the life of a loan, even though rates are at historic lows. On the other hand, low rates do not change the home inventory situation, which is dismal. Low mortgage rates are certainly a boon for buyers, but it’s not much of a benefit if there’s very little available to buy. Meanwhile, home affordability changed little in San Diego County during the first quarter and remains elusive in many other parts of the state, according to the California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.). C.A.R. found that 28 percent of San Diego-area households could afford a single-family home in the first quarter. It marked a slight improvement from the 27 percent figure in the fourth quarter of 2016, but a decrease from the 29 percent who could afford homes in the first quarter of 2016. C.A.R. said that it takes a minimum household income of $115,900 to afford the median home price of $564,000. That translates to a $2,900 monthly mortgage payment, including taxes and insurance, and assuming a 20 percent down payment. Statewide, the percentage of homebuyers who could afford to purchase a median-priced, existing single-family home in California in first quarter inched up to 32 percent, from 31 percent in the fourth quarter of 2016. A year ago, however, 34 percent could afford a median-priced, single-family home, according to the C.A.R. The statewide affordability index has been below 40 percent for 16 consecutive quarters, and it is near the mid-2008 low level of 29 percent. Also on the down side, according to C.A.R., pending home resales were down in San Diego County and across the state in April. Based on signed contracts, pending home sales statewide declined 7.4 percent year-over-year in April, making the fourth straight monthly drop. C.A.R.’s Pending Home Sales Index (PHSI) registered 113.7 April compared to 122.8 a year ago. San Diego's pending sales index declined 11.1 percent year-over-year in April, ending up with an indexed level of 139.8. It marked the largest pending sales decline in Southern California. At the regional level, Southern California was actually the most resilient region in the state, where pending sales held on for a modest decline of 2.8 percent, aided by a 2 percent increase in Riverside County and a 1.1 percent uptick in Orange County. Also, to a new Zillow report, moving from a one-bedroom unit to a two-bedroom unit in San Diego will add $798 to the monthly mortgage. Zillow’s "Cost of Moving Up Analysis" report also shows that moving from a two-bedroom unit to a three-bedroom unit will add $928 to the monthly mortgage, and moving from a three-bedroom to a four-bedroom unit will add $998 to the monthly mortgage. In San Diego County, upgrading from a two-bedroom, one-bath home to a two-bedroom, two-bath home boosts the average monthly mortgage by $771. Payments increase to a more modest $791 a month when moving from a three-bedroom, one-bath unit to a three-bedroom, two-bath unit. However, the figure jumps to $962 when going to a three-bedroom, three-bath unit; increases to $988 when moving to a four-bedroom, three-bath house; and climbs to $1,368 a month extra when the upgrading to four bedrooms and four bathrooms. Finally, a recent study shows that California is crucial to U.S. growth. During the last five years, California has outperformed the nation in just about every important economic metric. Yes, the state is big, accounting for about 12 percent of the nation's population. But its share of economic growth has been even bigger. The state accounted for 17 percent of job growth in the United States from 2012 to 2016, and a quarter of the growth in gross domestic product. The Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy attributes California’s economic rebound to the three Ts, including technology, trade and tourism.

What Can You Do When the Well Runs Dry?

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Ron Romanowich Heritage Realty & Financial Spring 2017 C.A.R. BOD Meetings in Sacramento Land Use and Environmental By C.A.R. Director Ron Romanowich Question: What can you do when the well runs dry? Imagine if you will, you buy a home site or an existing home that the only source of water is a well, and it runs dry or you choose to buy a property off the grid that has no access to a public or private water source or does not have an aquifer sufficient to supply potable water. One solution was to haul in water. In 2012, Los Angeles County began the process of assessing the feasibility of the adoption of an ordinance to allow hauled water as the primary source of potable water for new single-family residential construction in unincorporated areas of the county. The controversial proposal was to accommodate new home construction where no available service from a public or private water purveyor exists and where it has been demonstrated that an on-site groundwater well is not feasible. By allowing hauled water, it was estimated that an additional 42,872 parcels in the high desert could be developed for single family homes. However due to concerns that homes may be built in areas where water is not immediately available, the legislature passed SB 1263 (Wieckowski), which explicitly prohibits new residential development anywhere in California where the source of water supply is water transported by a hauler, bottled water, a water vending machine or a retail water facility. Concerned that the law will devalue properties, the Greater Antelope Valley Association of REALTORS® asked that C.A.R. change existing policy and consider adopting a “support” position for any future legislation which would modify this law to allow for the limited use of hauled water for the development of single-family homes on individual parcels. After much discussion and debate and information provided by Directors impacted by this issue, the Land Use Committee voted to support a motion to allow the use of hauled water for a permanent water supply for parcels used for vacation, residential building of homes after being informed by those Directors that the counties had imposed mandatory compliance for fire protection of those homes and parcels and testing of potability of the hauled water for domestic use. This completes my report. Ron Romanowich

Would You Like to be a Fly on the Wall at an Ethics Hearing?

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Nancy Layne Windermere Homes & Estates Spring 2017 C.A.R. BOD Meetings in Sacramento Professionals Standards By C.A.R. Director Nancy Layne Would you like to be a fly on the wall at an ethics hearing? Wouldn’t you like to see the process? How much would it help to see how the rules apply? Would it bring life to words on a page? Of course, it’s not possible to attend an actual hearing, since they’re confidential, so The Giardinelli Law Group, APC has created Mock Hearing and Deliberation videos as an educational tool. They allow a sneak peek into the process, the application of the Code of Ethics, and the deliberations as well as drafting of Model Findings of Fact. The information on the Professional Standards Training, Model Findings of Fact and videos can be found on C.A.R.’s website, and the mock hearings are available on youtube at (1) Mock Ethics Hearing: https://youtu.be/qFZstK6wpFQ (2) Mock Ethics Deliberation: https://youtu.be/t52fWnoKW50 and (3) Mock Arbitration Hearing: https://youtu.be/8RFsP5T5QDA 

 The Directors discussed the information from a number of areas, that some agents are reluctant or afraid to file an ethics dispute, and idea of an Ethics Advocate (AE) to “deter and educate” – possibly as a speaker at MLS meetings or offices, with a reminder of the process, in order to encourage training and participation.

The Directors also discussed the ethics citation policy (Model Citation Schedule available on C.A.R. website), which is available to any local board, and if adopted, would create a new, “easier and faster” layer to the disciplinary process. It is required to have a 30-day timeline if no hearing is requested. If a citable offense is alleged, a citation is sent to the violator with a copy to Director’s Review. It can be amended, dismissed, increased or forwarded for full hearing at this point. If determined to be a citable offense, it is sent to the violator who has 10 days to decide to pay the fine or request a full hearing. If the citation is issued and paid, it is not reflected on the C.A.R. website so long as discipline is not imposed. Directors also further clarified the new biennial Code of Ethics training, with C.A.R. announcing new courses similar to the “Everyday Ethics” series, usually encompassing 3 articles, entitled “Know the Code” and available to membership online at http://www.store.car.org. The ethics classes which fulfill the biennial requirement can also be found in the Ethics portion of the CE renewal course, New Member Orientation Code of Ethics training at your local board, through N.A.R. Code of Ethics courses and Third Party Code of Ethics course providers. The CAR and NAR classes will automatically update the member’s NRDS number, Now, that was easy!

What Lies Ahead For Our Economy?

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Lisa Fore McLain Properties Spring 2017 C.A.R. BOD Meetings in Sacramento Global Real Estate Forum By C.A.R. Director Lisa Fore What lies ahead for our economy? How is this economic cycle performing against prior post-recession data? Cyclical long-term slowdown in U.S. growth or are we nearing another recession? Are we nearing another recession? That is the magic question that everyone would love to predict. If we could all predict the economic cycles we would be able to play the markets correctly and we’d all be rich. In 2015 the Huffington Post wrote an article titled “History Tells Us 2016 Will See a Recession” stating four basic ingredients were required to enable the Great Recession to occur: greed, lax risk management, inadequate regulatory enforcement, and short memories. Short memories, those failing to remember that everything is cyclical. So what do the numbers tell us today? According to Sean Becketti, VP and Chief Economist of Freddie Mac, we’re in the 3rd largest expansion in US history but the weakest. 5.1% is the average expansion rate and we are at 2.4%. Labor force participation rates have been declining, but overall when they look at the data they have been declining for decades. Housing starts have picked up, but they haven’t reached the historical average of 1.5 million units, yet residential construction employment struggles to recover. Meanwhile, data shows the multifamily market is very strong. Sean states that they are not expecting a whole lot of change in sales volume but they are expecting refis to go down over the next year. Mortgage originations topped $2 trillion in 2016 but they are predicting they will be down nearly 25% this year and the next, mostly due to the drop in refis. With housing prices nationally at about level with the peak of 2016 what’s to come, how long will this market last? That’s always the big question.

A Car Damaged in a Snow Bank Led to a Real Estate Career

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Ron Romanowich Heritage Realty & Financial You may know NSDCAR REALTOR® Ron Romanowich as a member of the NSDCAR Local Government Relations (LGR) Committee, District 5, representing Escondido. The LGR Committee focuses on how public policies can affect the local real estate industry. Its members also are involved in political advocacy and candidate endorsements. Ron also serves on NSDCAR’s Grievance Committee and Professional Standards Committee. He served on the NSDCAR Board of Directors (2008-2010, 2013-2014) representing commercial real estate. Ron’s 54 years in the business and deals representing more than $1.5 billion in real estate value has earned him life membership with the California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) and REALTOR® Emeritus designation with the National Association of REALTORS®. He has served as a C.A.R. Director and Chairman of C.A.R. Region 29 in 2013. He also served as Chairman of the C.A.R. REALTOR® For Life Nomination Committee (2014). But, did you know that Ron growing up in New Jersey was president of the Keyport High School’s Hot Rod Club called “The Royal Coachman?” “I got this idea as a teenager that our club should do something for some of the delinquent kids who weren't listening and were troublesome to their shop teachers, but they loved Hot Rods,” said Ron a native of Holmdel Township, New Jersey. “So, I got the support of the Raritan Township police department who encouraged these kids who were headed for trouble to come to our meetings at night and learn how to fix car engines. They learned a trade, plus they turned their lives around. I've always been very supportive of law enforcement. In the past, I've been involved in assisting law enforcement investigators and District Attorneys with child abduction and runaway kid incidents.” At age 19, Ron was working at a gas station as a mechanic when a guy ran into a nearby snow bank and damaged his car’s transmission oil line. “Here is this guy all dressed up in a suit, tie, and fur-lined topcoat, and I am working on his car with oil running down my arm, plus aches and bruises from also working on jobs in construction,” Ron recalled. “I asked him what he did for a living and he told me he sold real estate. 
 “So within the week, I responded to an ad in the newspaper and the broker asked me how old I was. I answered ‘19-going-on-20,’ which he repeated several times like a wise-guy. So, I said, “Do you have a problem with 19-going-on-20?’ He said, ‘No, kid, I just wish I had started selling real estate when I was 19-going-on-20.’ I decided right then that real estate was for me.” Ron earned his license on his 20th birthday in 1962. His real estate career was interrupted after being drafted by the U.S. Army. He served as a Sergeant prior to being commissioned in 1967 as an Armor Officer. He ended his service as a Second Lieutenant in the Army Reserve. He built custom homes and sold real estate and loans in New Jersey before relocating to San Diego in 1972 to work in Poway for Clair Burgener, who later served five terms in the U.S. Congress (1973-1983). In San Diego, Ron purchased one of San Diego's first Gallery of Homes franchises in 1974. In 1976, he opened four ERA Realty offices and later two mortgage companies and two escrow companies. During his career, Ron has owned and managed real estate offices under several names, including Network 50 Relocation, Lefferts & Company Commercial, Realty Executives and American Spirit Realty. Ron's own company is called Heritage Realty and Financial. The 75-year-old Escondido resident estimates he has closed upwards of 14,000 combined closed transactions. Ron admires NSDCAR and its commitment to professionals and ethical standards. “The future leaders of our Association must never depart from high ethical behavior,” said Ron. “We need to approach all business dealings with a commitment toward professionalism and integrity. It's the best way to create and maintain trust in the marketplace.”

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology

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Ashley Robertson Bedard ReMax Regal You may know NSDCAR REALTOR® member Ashley Robertson Bedard as a member of the NSDCAR District Council for the Vista-San Marcos area. Ashley also is a recent recipient of a 2016 REALTOR® Award of Excellence. Awards were presented according to various geographical areas. Ashley was recognized for her work in the San Marcos-Vista area.   In the past eight years she has organized four holiday blanket drives for the homeless, collecting an average of three truckloads of blankets and distributing meals.   In addition, as a supporter of Solutions for Change, a Vista-based nonprofit that addresses family homelessness, Ashley assists annually with the Angel Tree drive at her real estate office.   Plus, for Vista Teen Outreach, a nonprofit that focuses on childhood hunger, Ashley’s office collected 700 pounds of food benefitting 150 North County families last November at Thanksgiving.   Also, for Susan G. Komen San Diego, Ashley has organized a Girls Night Out fundraiser that has raised funds for breast cancer services and support.   “I believe REALTORS® should be driven to be the best, not only the most ethical people in business, but also the most generous,” Ashley said. “Goodness is about character, integrity, honesty, kindness and generosity. REALTORS® may be hard working, but should always contribute to helping others. We work hard because we want the world to be a better place.”   But did you know that Ashley has a bachelor’s degree from Cal State San Marcos in Criminal Justice and Criminology? “Yes, I know, that degree has nothing to do with my current career,” said Ashley, the broker-owner of RE/MAX Regal in San Marcos.   A San Diego native, Ashley graduated from Rancho Bernardo High School in three years. She began taking college classes at age 17 “I enjoyed the working world more than school,” she said. “I started working at age 15 at Barons Market in Rancho Bernardo. I did everything from bagging groceries, stocking the shelves, running the cash register, even ordering produce. I also manned the wine tasting table as a teenager, but I was too young to legally open the bottles.”   In addition to Barons Market, she worked as a server at the Rancho Bernardo Inn for a couple of years and as a leasing agent for a residential rental company. She even sold insurance for five years.   In 2006, she earned her real estate licensed and became a full-time agent in 2011, operating her own company called Ashley Dawn Realty in San Marcos. Then, she was approached by RE/MAX about purchasing a franchise office.   “I never thought I would work with a large corporate firm, I wanted to remain independent,” Ashley said. “But, in August 2013, RE/MAX flew me to Ottawa, Canada for a broker’s conference. On the plane ride to Canada I felt guilty because I had no intention of joining RE/MAX. Three days later, my mind was changed. Then, for the next several months, I traveled throughout the U.S. and Europe, interviewing and shadowing top broker-owners with RE/MAX, Realty Executives and Keller Williams. On my 29th birthday, Feb. 20, 2014, I signed the agreement with RE/MAX. To this day, RE/MAX corporate in Denver says no other broker has ever done more research than me during their 45 years of existence.”   Ashley and husband Ryan live in North Escondido with their Dalmatian named “Wrigley,” after Wrigley Field in Chicago.   Ashley said she appreciates the training classes offered by NSDCAR. “We are blessed to have such a great Association with top-notch educational opportunities,” she said. “I always learn something when I attend a class and I also encourage my agents to attend classes. Plus, the service from the staff is outstanding.”

Rent Control? I Thought We Took Care of That…

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Chris Osteen Cal West Management Spring 2017 C.A.R. BOD Meetings in Sacramento Local Government Relations (LGR) By C.A.R. Director Chris Osteen Rent Control? I thought we took care of that... In 1995 C.A.R. sponsored legislation (Costa-Hawkins) that addressed rent control in those communities that did not currently have rent control legislation in place. At the time the legislation was proposed in five California Cities (Berkeley, Santa Monica, Cotati, East Palo Alto and West Hollywood) that had strict rent control restrictions in place. Costa-Hawkins prohibited vacancy control and exempted certain units from rent control. Exempted were new construction, single units with separate title (includes single family homes and condominiums). Ever since the passage of Costa-Hawkins tenant advocate groups have been pressing for ways around the legislation or ways to expand existing rental controls. In addition, some of our allies, Apartment Owners, are now second and third generation owners. If they fall under current rental restrictions the cash flow they are getting isn’t an issue with them. They have never experienced life without restrictions and in some communities the Apartment owners view rent control communities as a social byproduct of the housing crisis. As we all know rents have been rising extremely quickly over the past few years. There is simply greater demand than supply of rental units. As a result of rising rents, three assemblymen have introduced AB 1506 which will attempt to repeal Costa-Hawkins. So keep your eyes and ears open. It may not be called Rent Control but politicians are still looking for ways to impose rental restrictions and repeal may be a course of action for them.

Do You Know How HAF Helps You and How You Can Support HAF?”

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Elyse Dittrich Nancarrow Realty Group Spring 2017 C.A.R. BOD Meetings in Sacramento Housing Affordability Fund (HAF) By C.A.R. Director Elyse Dittrich Do you know how HAF helps you and how you can support HAF?" Key Take Aways: • HAF stands for Housing Affordability Fund • An additional $500,000 was granted to continue to HOA grant program • HAF needs your support through donations! • HAF Golf Tournament Fundraiser is in San Diego this year! Great news! We were granted another $500,000 to keep the HOA Grant program alive! Get our there and tell your first time home buyers! Here is the link for more information: http://www.car.org/difference/haf/Hoaassistanceprogram/ The Housing Affordability Fund hosted their annual Casino Night in Sacramento at our Spring Business meetings. It’s fundraisers like this that allow us to continue and create new grants to help support our clients in buying homes. Donations from you are also so important! If you can donate even $25 it makes a difference (and it’s tax deductible)! It also keeps us in business. The more people we can help buy homes, the better! Here is the link to donate: http://www.car.org/difference/haf/hafonlinedonation/ On Monday, October 9th HAF will be hosting a golf tournament fundraiser at the Riverwalk Country Club in Mission Valley. If you’d like to sponsor or play in the tournament here is the link: http://www.car.org/difference/haf/hafgolftournament/ and the hole sponsorship is only $500! As a Member, you can make a voluntary contribution to this fund so that more programs like the HOA assistance program can be offered to your clients." If you want more information on what HAF is up to and how you can help please call me at (760) 505-3740 or email ElyseDittrich@gmail.com.

Are You or Your Clients Confused About Support or Companion Animals?

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Sandi Adelson Homeland Properties, Inc. Spring 2017 C.A.R. BOD Meetings in Sacramento Legislative Committee By C.A.R. Director Sandi Adelson Are you or your clients confused about Support or Companion animals? The Rental Housing Support/Companion Animal Certification Bill would hopefully bring some defined clarity. The current housing providers must make “reasonable accommodations” for support, but there is no definition, as there is for service animals, and do not fall under the same protections under the ADA or California State Law. At issue has always been the lack of oversight/control. AB 1569 would clarify the right a landlord has to request “reliable” third party verification of the need for the animal AND would make the ID cards or online “ESA prescription” letters that you can purchase NOT sufficient verification. Have any investors who get a little upset when they get their new property tax bill and it’s gone up, because of new bonds and had no idea they were even proposed? Most home owners know that there are proposed new taxes and bonds on the ballot when they get their ballot pamphlet… they have a little advanced warning and they have the ability to campaign for or against them. Non-resident owners don’t receive those pamphlets so they have no chance of researching the issues and taking a stand… even if they can’t vote. AB 1333 would require any city, county or special district to notify all property owners no more than seven (7) days after the bond or tax has qualified for the ballot. Ever wonder why you get “Red Alerts”? C.A.R. doesn’t send “Red Alerts” on every issue that could be construed as “Real Estate Related.” There are some fights you just can’t win and when those come up you don’t get a notice to respond A.S.A.P. for two (2) reasons. First, too many notices and members scream, “ENOUGH!!!” C.A.R. wants you to know that if you get a notice, it’s important, it can impact your business, and if the response is loud and clear to our representatives in Sacramento we can win. Secondly, C.A.R. doesn’t want to overwhelm the representatives. They get overwhelmed too. C.A.R. wants them to know that when membership is responding it is a major concern. More information about these and other issues can be found online at http://www.car.org/meetings/carmeetings/committee-materials-archive/2017spring/legislativecvr/

REALTORS Win With New CRMLS Data Share

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San Diego County Agents Finally Get Improved Data Through a New Data-Share Between CRMLS and Sandicor NSDCAR’s leadership team is excited to announce that after years of advocating on our member’s behalf, the NEW data-share between Sandicor and CRMLS went into effect today. Although this is only the first step, it was critical in our effort to help agents gain access to more robust MLS tools in San Diego County. This has not been easy following lawsuits and much disagreement with SDAR, but it is what our members wanted, and we are pleased with the results. We will continue to champion our member’s agenda and work towards gaining access to new tools and services provided by CRMLS. San Diego County agents will finally get improved data through a new data-share between CRMLS and Sandicor. • Better data for client searches • Better listing information for CMAs • Cost savings to those who currently subscribe to more than one MLS. Starting today, Tuesday, May 23rd, Sandicor subscribers will be able to search for CRMLS (California Regional Multiple Listing Service) residential listings within Sandicor's Paragon MLS system and CRMLS members will be able to search for Sandicor residential listings within their Matrix MLS system. Sandicor subscribers will also be able to set up residential Paragon searches for clients in the areas served by CRMLS. While the lawsuit works its way through the courts, NSDCAR representatives are proud to have been a driving force behind this data-share agreement. REALTORS® will benefit from the tough decisions made by leaders from NSDCAR. The data-share is the right thing to do for REALTORS®, and it is the first step towards becoming a part of a larger effort for REALTORS® and Brokers to control their data, how it is used and how it is shared. A link to the charges can be found here on page 26 section 99. The movement to join a Statewide MLS that is member driven, NSDCAR is listening to REALTORS® from all over San Diego county and responding to a need. Agents are having to compete with consumer facing websites that provide more comprehensive data than their own web portals. We are working to change that so our members remain the authority in their industry. It is our goal to ensure our Brokers control their own data, and that it is protected and used correctly.  

NEW Data-Share Between CRMLS and Sandicor for San Diego County Agents!

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San Diego County agents will finally get improved data through a new data-share between CRMLS and Sandicor. Starting Tuesday, May 23, Sandicor subscribers will be able to search for CRMLS (California Regional Multiple Listing Service) residential listings within Sandicor's Paragon MLS system and CRMLS members will be able to search for Sandicor residential listings within their Matrix MLS system! Sandicor subscribers will also be able to set up residential Paragon searches for clients in the areas served by CRMLS. It is important to note that residential listings will automatically be sent to CRMLS, however, listing format (fields and selections) will NOT be a complete match with their database. Sandicor has and will continue to add new fields and pick list values in our efforts to better match the CRMLS format. For your convenience, here are links to the updated Residential Listing Input Form, and the NEW Fields and NEW Pick List Values. While programming work continues on adding other property types, the SmartLink into the CRMLS system will still also be available for use. This data-share is a huge victory for San Diego County REALTORS®.

Do You Think or Know Your Seller Has Audio and/or Video Surveillance at Your Listing?

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Sandi Adelson Homeland Properties, Inc. Spring 2017 C.A.R. BOD Meetings in Sacramento Membership By C.A.R. Director Sandi Adelson Do you think or know your seller has audio and/or video surveillance at your listing? The revised listing form has added to paragraph 10 of the Listing Agreement to cover this. It advises the seller to post notices disclosing the surveillance, including “Nanny Cams.” Does “Non-Smoking” in the lease include e-cigs and vapes? The legal minds in this group asked Neil Kalin, one of C.A.R.’s attorneys that works on the forms, to include it. The form is being revised and paragraph 14 SMOKING will no longer be a check box, it will be the default. What’s new/updated Legal Q & A’s? As of January 1st, there are six (6) new titles: 1. Employee Notice of Asbestos and Prop 65 Warnings 2. Foreclosure Timeline 3. Housing Stimulus Laws for 2009 4 & 5. Lease/Rental Disclosure Chart (Feb 16, 2017, and April 3, 2017) 6. Real Estate Licensee’s Duty To Inspect Residential Property Did you hear that the California Supreme Court heard arguments for a case involving an Encinitas homeowner and the Coastal Commission? If you work on the coast, you may have heard of this. The homeowners were in fear of losing their homes because of the seawall failing after the rains. The Coastal Commission granted a permit to build a new wall, but it was conditional on reapplying in 20 years. The Coastal Commission then would be in a position to reconsider and conceivably could say take it down… in which case the homes would probably go down the cliff. How could you list or sell a home with having to make that kind of a disclosure? The case was argued May 4th, 2017… If you’re interested in some of the legal issues that were presented at this meeting go to www.car.org/meetings/carmeetings/committee-materials-archive/2017spring/laf052017/ Including a legal update from Elizabeth Miller-Bougdanos, C.A.R. Senior Counsel, in which she presents a “Grab Bag,” including Mining MLS Expired Listings (Rules & Do Not Call Laws), Zillow Group Syndication Development & Litigation Update, and Days On Market Representation.

Do You Know the Number of People Taking the California State Real Estate Sales License Exam?

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Michael Carunchio Real Estate Outlet Plus, NSDCAR Board President Spring 2017 C.A.R. BOD Meetings in Sacramento CALBre Forum By C.A.R. Director Michael Carunchio Do You Know the Number of People Taking the California State Real Estate Sales License Exam? From 3/31/2016 – 7/1/2017 there were 35, 638 exams given From 7/01/2016 – 3/31/2017 there were 38,493 exams given BROKER Exams 2016 3,976 2017 3,638 Total Licensees as of 3/31/2016 Total 406,505 Agents 271,284 Brokers 135,221 Total Licensees as of 3/31/2017 Total 413,341 Agents 279,500 Brokers 133,841 Enforcement License Denials 2017: 155 up 22 Disciplinary Actions: 388 up 88 Desist & Refrain Orders: 60 up 25 Citations: 498 DOWN 140 Investigative Audits: 277 up 13 from this time last year. TOP 3 OFFENSES: #1 PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Licensed, doing it wrong Unlicensed acting in the capacity of a licensee #2 Broker Owned Escrows Several types of violations #3 Trust Fund Violations If you need to communicate with the CalBRE they have about 11 telephone operators. Whenever possible use the eLicensing online system and not the US mail. They report it can add 20-35 days to processing if you mail in your applications. www.CalBRE.Ca.Gov

She Walked Precincts for JFK

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Bonnie Frazier ERA Rancy & Sea Realty NSDCAR Local Government Relations (LGR) Committee Member You may know NSDCAR REALTOR® member Bonnie Frazier as a member of the NSDCAR Local Government Relations (LGR) Committee, District 5, representing Vista. She has served as an LGR member since 2004. LGR Committee maintains an intense interest in all things governmental. Their task is to keep abreast of hot issues and emerging trends that could affect the professional interests of REALTORS®. In their role as an advisory committee to the NSDCAR Board, the LGR Committee provides a forum for political advocacy and policy discussion and development. They formulate recommendations for formal action or public policy positioning for consideration by the NSDCAR Directors. Endorsements from the NSDCAR LGR are highly valued by political candidates running in elections for local, statewide and national offices. Bonnie also served on behalf of NSDCAR as a California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) Director from 2006 to 2009. In addition, for the past nine years, she has taught real estate classes at Palomar College. In recent years, she has taught “Real Estate Practice” every semester and “Real Estate Finance” once a year. But did you know that Bonnie at age 12 handed flyers to her neighbors asking them to vote for John F. Kennedy as president? “I’ve always been interested in politics and serving in a watchdog role, that’s why I like the LGR Committee,” said Bonnie. “I remember me and my 8-year-old brother walking along our street, Glenhaven Way in Chula Vista, passing out flyers for Kennedy. I’ve been walking precincts since then. I knew Kennedy would be a good president. I was attending Oceanside High School when he was shot. That’s a day I’ll never forget.” Bonnie is a San Diego native, born at Naval Hospital, North Island. She graduated from Vista High School (class of 1966). “I’ve lived in California my whole life,” Bonnie said. After high school, she moved to the Los Angeles area where she lived for 25 years. “I worked for a couple of years for EF Hutton (a stock brokerage) in Hollywood and took night classes at San Fernando Community College,” said Bonnie. “I enjoyed living there. I had my horse in Burbank and really enjoyed riding through Griffith Park.” Later, Bonnie’s family moved to the Antelope Valley. “We lived there during an exciting time in our nation’s history,” said Bonnie. “We were there when the Space Shuttle Challenger spacecraft was rolled out on the Lockheed tarmac for the first time in 1981. We were there when they introduced the B-1 Stealth Bomber. We got up at 4 a.m. one morning to watch that plane take-off. I used to ride my horse through Leona Valley and watch the test jets break the sound barrier as they streamed across the (Mojave) desert sky.” She started her real estate career in Palmdale in 1983. She first sold new homes for several years and then switched to resale in 1990, “right before the recession hit,” Bonnie said. She served on the board of the Greater Antelope Valley Association of REALTORS®. She also was volunteered as legislative liaison with a business women’s group. “I’ve always been out there fighting for women’s rights,” Bonnie said. After a divorce in 1997, Bonnie and her two daughters, Natalie and Nicole, moved near family members to North County’s Vista community. Today, the daughters are grown and are raising their own families. Bonnie’s sister is a hairstylist in Vista and another sister is a nurse and lives in La Costa. Also, a brother who is retired lives in Vista and the youngest brother works as a police officer in Corpus Christie, Tex. Bonnie’s sister-in-law was a counselor at New Haven Youth and Family Services, a residential facility for at-risk adolescent boys in Vista. “For the past nine years, I’ve been fundraising for New Haven,” said Bonnie. “They have an excellent program that transforms lives. Their program recognizes and remedies the root causes of at-risk youth and guides boys into a hopeful and productive future.” Bonnie is proud to be involved at NSDCAR. “We have a great Association that provides lots of support for our members, no matter what your experience,” she said. “The educational classes are excellent. Our programs and services enhance our members’ abilities to conduct business with integrity and competency and keep us on top of our game.”

Why Would a Team Leader or Broker Have to Worry About Labor Laws?

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Marie Jebavy The Real Estate Consultants, Board Director Spring 2017 C.A.R. BOD Meetings in Sacramento Strategic Planning & Finance By C.A.R. Director Marie Jebavy Why Would a Team Leader or Broker Have to Worry About Labor Laws? Are you requiring your team members to be at the office working certain hours, holding certain number of open houses per month or a certain number of phone calls a day, week, or month? That’s all it takes to be considered an employee. And who is the employer, the Broker or the Team Leader? There are so many pitfalls in labor laws that you should seek legal counsel to protect yourself and your Broker. This is pretty much the Wild West right now but that is when mistakes are made and consequences are huge. IRS 20 Factor Test on Employment Status As an aid to determining whether an individual is an employee under the common law rules, 20 factors or elements have been identified as indicating whether sufficient control is present to establish an employer-employee relationship. The 20 factors have been developed based on an examination of cases and rulings considering whether an individual is an employee. The degree of importance of each factor varies depending on the occupation and the factual context in which the services are performed. The 20 factors are designed only as guides for determining whether an individual is an employee; special scrutiny is required in applying the 20 factors to assure that formalistic aspects of an arrangement designed to achieve a particular status do not obscure the substance of the arrangement (that is, whether the person or persons for whom the services are performed exercise sufficient control over the individual for the individual to be classified as an employee). The 20 factors are described below: The 20 factors used to evaluate right to control and the validity of independent contractor classifications include:

  • Level of instruction. If the company directs when, where, and how work is done, this control indicates a possible employment relationship.
  • Amount of training. Requesting workers to undergo company-provided training suggests an employment relationship since the company is directing the methods by which work is accomplished.
  • Degree of business integration. Workers whose services are integrated into business operations or significantly affect business success are likely to be considered employees.
  • Extent of personal services. Companies that insist on a particular person performing the work assert a degree of control that suggests an employment relationship. In contrast, independent contractors typically are free to assign work to anyone.
  • Control of assistants. If a company hires, supervises, and pays a worker's assistants, this control indicates a possible employment relationship. If the worker retains control over hiring, supervising, and paying helpers, this arrangement suggests an independent contractor relationship.
  • Continuity of relationship. A continuous relationship between a company and a worker indicates a possible employment relationship. However, an independent contractor arrangement can involve an ongoing relationship for multiple, sequential projects.
  • Flexibility of schedule. People whose hours or days of work are dictated by a company are apt to qualify as its employees. Demands for full-time work. Full-time work gives a company control over most of a person's time, which supports a finding of an employment relationship.
  • Need for on-site services. Requiring someone to work on company premises— particularly if the work can be performed elsewhere—indicates a possible employment relationship.
  • Sequence of work. If a company requires work to be performed in specific order or sequence, this control suggests an employment relationship.
  • Requirements for reports. If a worker regularly must provide written or oral reports on the status of a project, this arrangement indicates a possible employment relationship.
  • Method of payment.Hourly, weekly, or monthly pay schedules are characteristic of employment relationships, unless the payments simply are a convenient way of distributing a lump-sum fee. Payment on commission or project completion is more characteristic of independent contractor relationships.
  • Payment of business or travel expenses. Independent contractors typically bear the cost of travel or business expenses, and most contractors set their fees high enough to cover these costs. Direct reimbursement of travel and other business costs by a company suggests an employment relationship.
  • Provision of tools and materials. Workers who perform most of their work using company-provided equipment, tools, and materials are more likely to be considered employees. Work largely done using independently obtained supplies or tools supports an independent contractor finding.
  • Investment in facilities. Independent contractors typically invest in and maintain their own work facilities. In contrast, most employees rely on their employer to provide work facilities.
  • Realization of profit or loss. Workers who receive predetermined earnings and have little chance to realize significant profit or loss through their work generally are employees.
  • Work for multiple companies. People who simultaneously provide services for several unrelated companies are likely to qualify as independent contractors.
  • Availability to public. If a worker regularly makes services available to the general public, this supports an independent contractor determination.
  • Control over discharge. A company's unilateral right to discharge a worker suggests an employment relationship. In contrast, a company's ability to terminate independent contractor relationships generally depends on contract terms.
  • Right of termination. Most employees unilaterally can terminate their work for a company without liability. Independent contractors cannot terminate services without liability, except as allowed under their contracts.

NSDCAR Members Visit Sacramento

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Members of the North San Diego County Association of REALTORS® (NSDCAR), led by 2017 President Michael Carunchio, recently attended the California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) 2017 Legislative Day, held in Sacramento. The event, the 45th annual, featured opportunities for NSDCAR members to meet and discuss real estate issues directly with state legislators and their staff members, as well as hear from California’s political leaders and the leadership of the state association. NSDCAR members who visited Sacramento and who are C.A.R. members, in addition to Carunchio, included Kim Murphy C.A.R. Director Chair, Raylene Brundage, Sandi Adelson, David Cabot, Carolyn D’Agosta, Elyse Dittrich, Lisa Fore, Marie Jebavy, Nancy Layne, Chris Osteen, Bob Pahlke, Ron Romanowich Rick Snyder, and Kevin Williamson Other NSDCAR members who traveled to Sacramento included Andrea Bernardino, Jackie Camacho, Jessi Jebavy, Jianie Bernard, Jovani Ruiz, Lazaro Castillo, Letty Perez, Matthew Caldera, Michael Nucci, Nila Esposito, Sam Murphy and Steven Hughes. Also attending were NSDCAR staff members Richard D’Ascoli, Ernie Cowan and Lynn Sullivan.

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