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What Do Beer and Real Estate Have In Common? Ask Carol

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Carol Farrar, NSDCAR Director

You may know NSDCAR REALTOR® member Carol Farrar as a NSDCAR board member since 2014 (she’s now in her second two-year term) and as a California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) director since 2015. She also is serving this year as chair of the C.A.R. Young Professionals Network (YPN) Committee (there are 58 YPN groups of REALTORS® currently in the state).

But did you know that Carol began working in real estate because of beer?

She grew up in a working class family in the North County. Carol graduated from Escondido High School (class of 1997) and spent a year as a varsity cheerleader. Her maiden name was Zazueta. “With a last name like that, it meant I was always last on the list, except when the teacher would say, `roll call in reverse today!’” Carol said.

“My father was one of eight children and he was the first one to buy a home in the U.S. He was so proud of our home and he wanted to share it his family. So, for several summers in a row, we would host relatives at our home. As a young kid, I would have to share my bedroom and teach English to my extended family. The experience taught me responsibility and patience and to be grateful for whatever you have. It also taught me to be open minded and flexible because you always don’t get your way. Nothing comes easy in this world and it takes hard work to achieve success.”

After high school, Carol got a job at a fairly new company in Escondido called Stone Brewing Co., which had been founded in 1996 (today, Stone is the largest brewery in Southern California). She was quickly promoted and eventually was named distribution supervisor overseeing product distribution logistics across the country. “I was young, in my early 20s, and passionate about my job,” she said. “I met a lot of people working at the brewery many who I am still friends with today and who I’ve helped with their real estate needs. Beer connects people whether the economy is going well or not, people still enjoy drinking craft beer. Some of the finest people I’ve ever met have worked in the beer industry.

“One day I was thinking about my future and friend who was a REALTOR® said that I would be a good fit for the real estate business, which was encouraging. Not to mention in 2005 the market was vibrant and I wanted to make a change in careers so I decided to give it a try. In my first year as a loan officer, I made the same amount in commissions as my base salary at Stone. At that point, I knew I was on the right path. I’m grateful to the beer industry for opening the door that led me into real estate.”

When the recession began to hit in 2007, Carol made the switch from doing mortgages to working on the property sales. “It was a difficult time to make the switch since the market was collapsing, when I turned for help no one was there to support me but luckily I landed on both feet at an office with great mentorship,” said Carol, who worked as a successful buyers agent with a top-producing team in Carlsbad for several years. By 2013, Carol branched out on her own, got a brokers license and opened boutique brokerage firm, 1850 Realty.

“1850 was the year that San Diego became a county and it’s the same year that California took its statehood,” said Carol. “People mark their lives by referring back to a certain year that an event occurred like the year they moved. We find that when someone buys or sells a home that is something special to celebrate which how we chose our company’s motto: Connecting clients to communities.”

Carol’s husband Eric Farrar also works with her at 1850 Realty. He also is involved at Sandicor on the MLS committee, plus he volunteers with the San Diego Sherriff’s Office in Search and Rescue. Carol and Eric, celebrating 10 years married in August, are expecting their first child in late April. “It’s an exciting time for us right now and we’re getting ready for big changes,” she said. “We knew each other in high school but never dated until we were in our mid-20s. And, yes, we re-connected through beer because, as I’ve experienced, beer is a great connector of people.”

Carol agrees that NSDCAR also can be a great connector for REALTORS®. “Getting involved with the industry and our Association has resulted in tremendous education which has benefited me in so many ways,” she said. “I would highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to volunteer at our Association. It really helps develop your professionalism leading you to success.”

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