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Best Practices: Ideas for Winning Listing Presentations

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By Michael Carunchio

The real estate sales profession has changed in many ways over the years, but a properly prepared and delivered listing presentation has remained an important part of a REALTOR®’s success. In addition to the REALTOR®’s personality and a positive connection of rapport and trustworthiness with a prospective client, what are other factors necessary in a winning listing presentation?

Certainly, content is a key component, including the inclusion of a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and recent news articles and charts about current market conditions. Canned presentations can become stale very quickly.

Presenting original content to compliment background info about a brokerage company can position an agent as a source of the best real estate information available. In fact, some Association members have shared previous “Voice of Real Estate” stories about the real estate market that are regularly posted monthly in the “Quick Facts” e-mail to demonstrate their proficiency and knowledge about the relevant market trends. These “Voice” stories are a quick and easy way to reply to research-related questions related to the latest market statistics offering data to back up your answers.

In addition, a custom marketing strategy is another way to distinguish an agent’s listing presentation. Outlining key strategies and tactics that successfully benefited previous clients can help convince the prospective client to move forward. Copies of print marketing materials, including flyers, ads and postcards, can be most beneficial.

A “leave-behind” hard copy is another effective idea. Some agents will include photocopies of recent advertorial news stories about themselves that have appeared in local community newspapers, while others will send an e-mail with a link to a digital format. Some sellers also are receptive to helpful information on how to get their home ready for the market.

For sellers, the most compelling indicators generally include a strategy for marketing their home (i.e. examples of online marketing campaigns used to sell homes within a specific timeframe at a competitive price), information or statistics relating to pricing strategy (“How much will my home sell for?”) and info about the strength of the brokerage, as well as an agent’s personality, communication skills and credentials.

Indeed, a National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) study found that reputation is one of the most important factors cited by sellers when choosing an agent. NAR said testimonials and a list of references are effective ways to reinforce reputation and create a sense of trust with a seller.

Clearly, the keys are to demonstrate what you will do differently than other agents and explain the unique services and sales strategies that give you a competitive edge over the competition. Transparency, authenticity, and knowledge are critical in answering the “Why should I hire you” question. Preparation and rehearsing are important so that you can deliver with confidence. Listening to the client’s needs first can identify how you can best help the person. Many agents will ask such questions as: What is your motivation for selling? What do you love about your current home? Those answers will help point out special features to potential buyers. Also, prompt follow-up can convey to the client how response you would be as their agents and future friend.

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